Thursday Thoughts With Coffee. #8

Good morning everyone! Oh my, it is another cold morning, with some wind which makes it feel even colder. It is kind of a lung numbing cold today. That first breath is the worst. Well, maybe the first 10. Well, maybe, hmm, perhaps I should say that every breath is cold, very cold. I was out there for a short time this morning taking out my garbage to the street. It was cold out there. Very cold. It is one of those days where it takes 15 minutes to get dressed warm enough to go outside.

Then I drop my glove on the ground and have to try and bend over to pick it up. With all those clothes it is not easy to bend over. But I manage to do it. Then I have to take the glove off again to put the garbage tag on the bag. Sigh. I tuck glove under arm and put tag on bag. I forget that the glove is tucked under my arm and move my arm dropping the glove. I bend over to pick up glove, again, and whack my head on the garbage can.

Male Downy Woodpecker.

Good thing I have my tuque on. For those who do not know what a tuque (also spelled toque) is, and that would be most of you, it is like a hat I put on my head. Everyone wears them here. I think they have a different name for them in the US, something like sock hat, or stocking hat. The proper name is tuque, or toque.

Finally got the female Downy Woodpecker.

The name was used in Europe from about the 1500s, but referred to a somewhat different hat. The hat of today seems to have originated in Quebec, Canada, and is used primarily in Canada. But I digress. Anyway, it saved my head from getting hurt. It is nice and thick knitted type hat. Very thick for this weather. I have a thinner one too for when it is not quite so cold.

Kind of useless thing really. In winter it is always cold. Just sometimes it is not quite as cold as other times. Yesterday was colder than today. But the sun was shining, it is now trying to shine today too, but mostly cloudy. But I tried to be outside as much as I could yesterday to get more pics. My little Boreal chickadees were back, but I was unable to get them onto my hand.

Male Hairy Woodpecker, they are about double the size of the Downy Woodpecker.

However, I could not leave my bare hand in the cold for very long. I will try again today. I did get a lot of pics of different birds yesterday however. Bird activity is picking up now. Must be time for more coffee before I go out in the cold again. All bird pics are from yesterday. Have a wonderful day everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2023 Steve McLeod.

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