Friday Fun With Coffee! #9 Night Owls.

Good morning and Happy Friday everyone! It is a cloudy day but not very cold, with a temperature of 20F (-7C). It is also very windy, and with no sunshine, it does make it feel colder than the temp. I was outside for a while trying for some pictures, but there was not much activity until after I came back inside, then the birds really got busy out there. My arthritis is bad this morning too, and with having to wear gloves, it did make it difficult for taking pics.

But I will try again soon. Hopefully before it starts to snow. We might get some flurries today and freezing drizzle, which does not help for taking pics either. An owl was hooting the other night and it made me think of my times out looking for owls for a study by the Canadian Wildlife Service. That meant being out at night. So, this one time I decided instead of just doing a couple of hours, I would stay out all night and cover more of the area.

Male Hairy Woodpecker at the suet.

Providing I could stay awake. I was at my favorite restaurant, which I have mentioned before, and I was talking to Krissy (not her real name) about my plans. She thought that would be exciting and asked if she could go with me. She then asked her mom if it would be okay and she was fine with it. Her dad said the same thing. She had just had her 18th birthday and wanted to do something crazy.

Anyway, I really did not think she would last all night, but amazingly she did and she really enjoyed it too. Well, most of it anyway. There were times that she held my hand rather tight, so I knew she was a bit nervous. Especially one time we heard something walking around not too far away. I told her it was likely a deer. I do not think she believed that. So, I shone my flashlight around the area and sure enough it was a deer.

Male Evening Grosbeak.

Another time we heard something running and then it stopped not far from us. That really got her a bit frightened and she moved behind me. I am not sure that was much protection however. But this time it turned out to be a fox. He had something in his mouth, though I could not tell what it was. He then circled widely around us.

He was likely taking food home for the family. Krissy did fall asleep once during one of our coffee breaks, right while I was talking too. But surprisingly she enjoyed herself and wanted to do it again. I am not the only crazy person around.

Boreal Chickadee after some peanuts.

We did find several different species of owls too, and even got to see some as I was able to call them in nice and close. It was spring, so the night was a bit chilly, but it just requires being dressed warmly. And bringing lots of coffee. And donuts. Pictures today are from yesterday, I hope you enjoy them. Have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2023 Steve McLeod.

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  1. It is always nice to see the youth wanting to take part in a survey on owls ! Thanks for sharing ! 😻🙂📷🦌🦊🦉

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