Tuesday’s Tidbits. #11

Good morning to all of you on this cloudy Tuesday! Yesterday they said it would be sunny today. It is cloudy, completely cloudy. I think they were a bit off with their forecast for today. Oh well. Even though it is not real cold, still, when sitting outside with bare hands, this temp of 14F (-10C) does feel rather cold. With the sun shining at the same temperature, it would not be so bad, helps to keep my hands warmer at least.

But perhaps the sun will come out a bit later. It is quite windy today also and that makes it colder. But I will sit out there for a while anyway. There are quite a few birds now coming to my hands and even more that keep trying, but they do not quite make it. They change their minds at the last moment before they actually land on my hand. But as they watch their friends, more and more are getting brave enough to do it.

Male Purple Finch.

After the first time it is easier for them to keep coming. I talk to them when they land as well, with the ones who have become brave. I do not say anything to the newcomers the first time, but after that I begin to talk with them. They answer with their own little chatter and will look up at me. It is so cute to watch them. There are a lot of evening grosbeaks this morning.

They have not been around for a couple of days now, I was beginning to think they had gone for good. There are still at least 3 pine grosbeaks as well. The woodpeckers keep coming too, and the blue jays. Plus Jasper and Jasmine are here each day looking for food. Jasper wants the peanuts, but Jasmine wants sunflower seeds. Hard to believe she would pass up peanuts for tiny sunflower seeds.

Female Downy Woodpecker.

There certainly are a lot of grosbeaks out there right now. Between 30 and 40 of them, and mostly males, only about half a dozen females in the flock. Must be a bunch of new ones here today. The little redpolls have been pushed off the feeders and onto the ground. Even the chickadees are having trouble getting any food.

Guess I should replenish the main feeder, that will help a bit. I have been getting so many beautiful photos of these little birds on my hand lately. Once the birds are comfortable coming to my hand, then I start with the pics, otherwise it scares them when they hear the clicking of the camera, even though it is very quiet.

Male Common Redpoll.

The grosbeaks just suddenly flew away so all is very quiet out there now. And I see some blue sky is showing up now so it must be time to get ready and head outside for a while. Thank you for visiting today, have a wonderful Tuesday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2023 Steve McLeod.

2 Comments on “Tuesday’s Tidbits. #11

  1. Beautiful Birds, how is the sign of spring? Here the Sun sarcastically smiling with it’s bright teeth we can’t drive at noon, almost blind with sun brightness and heat. I think x rays y rays uv rays a to z rays are out , the sky looks crystal clear, the trees are cold hearted think about us 😂, if you ask how is the weather, I would say the sun is killing it 😎. Hope you enjoy your solitude with not much groans and jumping, Have a safe day 💓🥰

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    • It was a beautiful, sunny day, this afternoon anyway. The morning was so terribly cold however.😱 But it will be a long time before the snow begins to melt according to the forecast. Still, forecasts can be wrong. But I think it will be another late spring for us. Sigh.🤔🙄 But I enjoyed today on the deck with my little bird friends.😃🐦📷 Enjoy your day Simon!😊😻🌞🌛❄️☕☕

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