Happy Mother’s Day! Poem Share.

This is a little poem that I wrote for my mother many years ago for Mother’s Day. She passed away that same year. It is not very well written, but it came from my heart for her. I still miss her greatly and my love is still there for her.


She carried me gently all through

The time when nothing I could do.

She held me in my time of fear;

I thank you, Lord, for mother dear.

She helped me learn how to walk,

She taught me carefully to talk,

She guided well as none other;

I thank you, Lord, for my mother.

She helped me all the way through school,

And helped me learn the ‘golden rule’.

She prayed for me when ’twas needed;

Thank you, Lord, that mother pleaded.

A lot of time with me she spent,

Most precious time that she lent;

She gave so much, as no other,

I thank you, Lord, for my mother.

Here I sit and often ponder,

My love for her still grows fonder,

We shared a lot with one another;

I thank you, Lord, for my mother.

©2023 Steve McLeod.

20 Comments on “Happy Mother’s Day! Poem Share.

  1. Steve, poetry to your Mother, that comes from the heart is always precious! Your Mother, I am sure was really blessed by this poem. Your life is a testament to the input and love of your Mother!

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