The Investigators, Inc. The Case of Baldwin’s Murder. Chapter 1. Jet Down.

“Sky, where is Angel?” called Steve. “We are coming, just hold on,” she answered. They entered the library and Steve went over to Angel and slapped her hard, twice. “Where were you at breakfast?” demanded Steve. “I, just went for a short walk,” she answered quietly. “I have told you before, you cannot go outside unless I give you permission!” yelled Steve and slapped her again.

“I, am sorry,” she said, “I, just needed fresh air.” “They do need some time outside,” Sky reminded Steve, “the experiment will work better that way.” “Hmm, okay, maybe you are right,” said Steve, “but we need to watch them more closely when they are out there. Okay, get in the kitchen and start helping with lunch.” “Yes sir,” said Angel, and off she went.

Meanwhile, on a beach far away from the chateau. “Hey,” said Annelie, “it seems to me you are not supposed to be calling home on this vacation. They can survive just fine without you worrying about them all the time. These girls have to grow up you know.” “Yes, I know, but just a quick call will not hurt,” I said. But, something strange happened.

I called Kristina and all that showed up was “Phone Number Unknown”. So I called Angel and the same thing. Then I called Saranna, same thing. “Annelie, call one of the girls back home and see what happens,” I said. The other girls were all in swimming right now and Rock was off getting some snacks, again. The cats were all running around the grassy area by the beach playing tag.

“Hmm, that is odd,” said Annelie, “it just says “Phone Number Unknown”. But that is impossible, it takes both you and Mr. B. to change or cancel one of our phones.” “I know, I just called Mr. B. and got the same thing,” I said, “so I called his private number and got the same thing there too.

I just called Mr. M. and got Roger and was he angry that I had phoned on Mr. M’s private number. He even said that he did not know who I was, but do not call back.” “Wow, that is crazy,” said Annelie, “there is a major problem back there.” Just then Aasta came out of the water and over to me and sat down on top of me.

“You are getting me wet,” I said with a smile. She just giggled. “Sky told me to remind you not to call home,” she said. I just looked at her. “Aasta, this is important,” I said, “would you please call your dad and see if you can reach him? You should maybe use your private number for him.” “Oh, okay,” she said, a bit puzzled.

“Hi daddy!” she said cheerfully. “Hi sweetheart, how is the vacation?” he answered. “Great so far, um, would you be willing to talk with Steve?” she asked. “Well of course, put him on,” he responded. “Hi Major, thanks for talking with me,” I said, “there is a big problem.” I then explained to him what had happened.

“Steve, it sounds like they are trying to keep you and the girls safe from something,” he said, “do this now, pack up right away and go into hiding, tell no one where you are going, not even your team or myself. I will send a couple men over to your chateau to see if they can find out anything and I will let you know.”

“Thanks Major,” I said, “we will get going right away. Um, please do keep in touch, this is really strange.” “I will do that Steve, I promise,” he said. We hung up and I told Aasta to get the girls in right away. Rock just returned with his snacks. “No time to eat Rock, we are packing up and leaving, now,” I told him, “and no questions.” He and Annelie went back to the hotel right away.

The girls came running out of the water and over to me. “We are packing up and leaving, right now, no questions either, just do it,” I said seriously, “then we meet on the grassy area.” I whistled to the cats and they came running to join us. After packing we met briefly on the lawn area. “We are heading back to the jet, check it thoroughly, outside and inside,” I said, “but say nothing while doing it.

When the time is right I will let you know more.” Off we went to the airport. I rented the hotel vans so we could drive ourselves. I neglected to say the vans would be left at the airport, I will call and let them know later. Nothing was found on the jet and we were soon in the air and flying east, not the way we want to go, but our flight plan was for Hawaii.

After a short time the jet began to lose altitude, slowly at first, then quickly. Rock sent out a distress call. “They are falling fast,” said one man. “They will hit that water hard,” said another. Suddenly, contact was gone…

To Be Continued.

Β©2023 Steve McLeod.

13 Comments on “The Investigators, Inc. The Case of Baldwin’s Murder. Chapter 1. Jet Down.

  1. Not sure I like the title of the Case of Baldwin’s Murder and Jet Down. There seems to be two Steves and one is mean. What is going on? It is a strange case!

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  2. Steve, this is deep. The plan and story line are great, but there are a lot of things happening at the same time and it gets hectic.

    More details, more clarity, who’s who and who does what. I hope you’ll address all these in your future writings πŸ˜…β€οΈ (no offense, just trying to be of help).

    You can do this!

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    • It was meant to start with a bang this time, kind of like starting in the middle of the case. Most of the cases begin with an introduction type chapter so we know basically what is going to happen. But sometimes I start it like this. We will find out more as we go along, but I can’t give too much away at the start or the story loses it’s suspense factor. I will be doing a post which will detail all of the characters on our team, plus friends that show up now and then. That will come out tomorrow, separate from the story. I always suggest to readers to keep that post, print it or bookmark it for future reference. With so many characters it’s hard to keep up sometimes, even for my long time readers. But Mr B (Baldwin) is the president of The Investigators, Inc. He is also one of the wealthiest men in the world. That is important for this case. Mr M (Mandar) is a friend and wealthy business man from London England. The Major is another friend whose daughter (Aasta) is one of our team members. We have a strange friendship with the Major as he is part of a large criminal organization. We helped free his daughter when she had been kidnapped, which is how this friendship began. We have been trying to get him to leave his life of crime and join us, but it’s not easy for a man in his position.
      Anyway, more information will come out in each chapter. We will soon see why the murder of Baldwin is so important, in todays chapter.
      Keep commenting, I always enjoy the extra interaction in the story, as well as suggestions! Thank you!πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘©πŸ˜ΈπŸ˜ΈπŸ˜ΈπŸ˜ΈπŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ


    • Thank you! I don’t usually start with such a bang, but this is a different kind of story and I felt it needed a different beginning. Yes, the unravelling will come soon.
      There will be a separate post tomorrow which will give a look at all of the characters in our team, our friends and perhaps an enemy or two. It will help to understand the story too. I always suggest to my readers to keep that post, which comes out now and then, for a reference. It does help, I use it myself to keep track of who’s who!
      Thanks for your comment!πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘©πŸ˜ΈπŸ˜ΈπŸ˜ΈπŸ˜ΈπŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

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  3. What can I say πŸ€” Steve does seem different …there must be a reason..! Hmmm…be alert ! πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸ˜»πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦±πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦³πŸ‘©πŸ‘©πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦°πŸ§’β—οΈ

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    • But how can Steve be in two places at the same time? Something is not right. We shall soon find out more!πŸ€”πŸ‘©πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ


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