Making Your Owner Happy.

Hi again everyone!  I am so excited about having my own part on my owner’s site!  Of course, I do need a little help.  For some reason my owner just doesn’t like me doing my own typing.  Very odd.  But he is very easy to please and make happy.  All I have to do is rub against his legs when he gets up in the morning.  That makes him wave his arms frantically in joy.  Then he does his funny happy dance, bumping into furniture, still waving his arms until he finally sits down or lies down on the floor, laughing the whole time!  At least I think he’s laughing.  He’s making lots of strange noises anyway.  Then when he finally stops he makes this odd noise that I call ‘human purring’.  My owner calls it groaning, kind of an odd name for it.  Oh well.  And one time I jumped onto the top of his bookcase where he keeps lots of cool stuff.  Not sure why he puts it up so high. Anyway, my owner saw me up there and you should have seen how happy he was!  He was pulling his hair and jumping up and down, doing his little happy dance again, the whole time looking up at me.  He should have been watching what he was doing instead I think, because he kicked the table leg.  Then he started jumping up and down on one leg!  Not a good idea, I thought, he might fall doing that.  So I decided to attract his attention by laying down and pushing one of those glass kerosene lamps close to the edge of the shelf.  You should have seen him jump then, he doesn’t often move that fast!  He grabbed a chair and jumped on it fast, never a good idea, too easy to fall.  Anyway, he grabbed that lamp real fast, then I guess he forgot he was standing on the chair and he just started walking away.  That first step got him.  You should have seen the look on his face!  Priceless!  Down he went, but he didn’t drop that lamp.  He put it on the table and then kicked the table leg with his other foot.  He was back to jumping around on one leg again.  I figured I better get down there and help him, he’s had enough fun for one day. Enjoy your day everyone!

Muffin and Steve.

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