Muffin’s Beginnings.

Hi everyone, my name is Muffin.  You have seen my name a lot and a few nice pics of me, now I have my own part on this site!  I won’t post as often as my owner but I will try to do my best to keep new items coming along regularly.  This first post is a bit of a biography of my early days.  It was a hard life at the start.  My first owner wasn’t so nice.  He would hit me and kick at me a lot.  Plus he would yell at me all the time.  I just couldn’t do anything right.  Then one day I knew I was going to have kittens, but I didn’t want to stay where I was, I needed to make sure my kittens would be safe.  So I ran away. And I ran and ran as fast as I could!  Finally after a couple of days I found this old abandoned shed.  I was able to get in through a missing window.  In a corner of the shed was an old cupboard of some kind and inside was this nice thick blanket.  A perfect spot for my kittens!  Soon there was 5 beautiful kittens curled up beside me.  I looked after them so very carefully, curling up by them to keep them nice and warm.  And of course I needed to go hunting every day to get my nourishment so I could give my kittens the best milk ever.  Then one day I heard people outside talking.  I didn’t want to breathe I was so scared.  But they left after a short while.  Whew!  That was close.  I went outside cautiously to do some hunting and right there just a short distance from the shed was a dish of nice cat food.  Wow!  Easy hunting today I thought.  I went over to it right away and…wham!  I was trapped in a box!  Then those people came back and carried me away to a place that was just full of cats, a hundred of them!  Really!  There was a nice woman that took me and put me in a big cage.  I was still scared, what about my poor kittens!  But then the woman came back and put all 5 of my kittens in the cage with me.  They were all safe and we were back together again.  But after a while people started coming in and looking at my kittens and one by one they were all adopted.  Sigh.  Now I was by myself and was put in a very small cage on the floor behind the door.  People kept coming in and looking at the other pretty colored cats.  No one wanted me.  I was called a drab grey.  It was over a year before a man came in and when he closed the door he looked right at me.  I came as close to the side of the cage as I could and looked at him with very sad eyes.  He said something to the nice woman looking after us and she took me out of the cage.  I rubbed my head on the man’s cheek.  He felt my silky soft fur, ( that’s exactly what he called it!), and said he would take me home with him.  I couldn’t believe it!  I was being adopted, and he didn’t even want to look at any of the other cats. Amazing!  Now I have a wonderful home, my new owner looks after me so well.  He has been a little hard to train though, but I guess that’s not so bad.  He does learn after a while.  Sorry this has been so long, I will try to keep things shorter from now on.  Thanks for reading and as my owner says, ‘enjoy your week and God bless’.

Muffin, and Steve.  (P.S., the beginning of Muffin’s life we don’t know exactly, except she was an abused kitty so I added that part myself, but from the time she arrived at the shed it is all true)

©2018 Stephen McLeod

32 Comments on “Muffin’s Beginnings.

  1. Hello Muffin, I am glad you are making progress with training your new owner. They can be such a pain when they just don’t catch on as fast as you would like, then always questioning… They should just learn to be quiet and pay attention. But it sounds as though you are Happy and Safe with your kittens which is always the most important. I look forward to reading your stories as I am certain they will be most informative. Be Well!

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  2. Muffin: I so love your story telling of your beginnings. Go easy on your owner Muffin, don’t be like my kitty Calypso who would admonish me for being just a little bit late with her meal. Be patient and be a good kitty. Bye for now Muffin!!

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  3. This post nearly brought tears to my eyes! Happy endings get to me every time. How anyone could be so cruel, I’ll never understand.

    I am so glad you two found each other. Many happy memories to come, I am sure! ❤

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  4. Aw 😥 what a touching story Muffin! You and Saturn’s mother has a similar experience. She also ran away from her first home pregnant and wander the streets of Norway except she was found by the woman who adopted her.

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  5. Love you Muffin. It’s really nice to know you. My Sweetie’s kittens are due in next few days and she hasn’t decided a place yet. We have emptied are cupboards, but she is not satisfied.
    Pray for her. 😻😻😻
    And I love your pose, look at my tom cat, Bhula, isn’t it the same gesture 😹😹
    Oops can’t share picture here. I’m sending to sir Steve. Don’t forget to check. 😻😻

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