My Owner…Hard To Believe.

Hello again everyone!  This sure has been a long winter.  It’s cold day after day.  Or it snows, and snows, and snows.  Sigh.  And I think it must be getting to my owner.  He is doing such strange things lately, well, more than normal that is.  He always does strange things.  Like, he is always trying to take pictures of me.  Even when I’m trying to sleep. I open one eye and there he is again, camera in hand.  I want to sleep!  But for some reason he doesn’t understand that.  And then, when it’s time to wake up and have fun, what does he do?  He goes to bed!  The night is just beginning and he wants to go to bed. Very strange behavior.

The other day he is making his supper.  He takes the pot of veggies off the stove and over to his plate and while he is scooping out the veggies he pours that boiling hot water on his foot!  I mean really.  Who in their right mind would do that?  Then he jumps around tosses his slipper and sock, just barely missing me, and dances around on one foot yelling, ‘I burned my foot, I burned my foot!’  Well, duh, what does he expect?  So why do it in the first place?  Then he rips one of his plants apart rubbing it on his foot.  He claims it will heal the burn quickly.  Sigh.  That’s my owner.

Then one day he is in the bedroom and bang!  And then, AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!  And then he comes out of the bedroom holding his head, groaning and staggering.  I know what happened.  He hit his head again.  He does that all the time.  Sometimes I think he must enjoy it, why else would he keep doing it?  Then suddenly he yells, ‘blood, I’m bleeding!!’  Then off he goes to the bathroom for bandages.  Good thing he keeps hitting his head, otherwise he might hurt himself.

Another day he is taking the bird feeders out in the morning, I am watching out the window as I normally do, and suddenly I hear, ‘AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!  And he goes sliding across the deck and slams into the railing, then falls back, slam!  Right on the deck, dropping the two bird feeders, sunflower seeds go everywhere, and I can hear him groaning while he lays there.  He just lays there.  Doesn’t he realize it’s cold?  He shouldn’t just lay out there in the cold, that can’t be a normal behavior.  If he wants to lay down he should come inside.  He has a bed in here.  And it’s warmer.  Surprising he didn’t break anything, otherwise he would have to buy new feeders.  Sigh.

And that’s only a little of what he has done recently.  I think it’s that cabin fever he always talks about.  Sigh.  That cabin fever is affecting me too.  I can’t wait for spring. Then those chipmunks will be back!  Thanks for reading!

Muffin, as meowed to Steve. (I think)

© 2019 Steve McLeod

11 Comments on “My Owner…Hard To Believe.

  1. I think Muffin and my Labrador could swap stories for nights in end about their human owners. I think mine would talk about how I threw one of her waste bags too high from the backyard and it ended up on the roof above our back patio. It’s still there until spring cleaning…

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  3. It’s hard living, isn’t it Muffin? Those crazy humans just wander around aimlessly sometimes. We have to wonder how they get dressed or function at all! Our cat brains are so superior – one day they will lay at our feet and learn from the masters of intellect and wisdom 😀

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