Owners Can Be Hard To Train. Part 2.

Hi everyone!  I’m back!  I know it has been a long time since my last post but it’s sometimes hard to get my owner’s attention that I want to write something new.  He just keeps going to my food dish and offering me more food.  Just amazing.  That’s why I just had to write and second part on this subject.  I’m sure all cats and dogs have this very same problem, trying to get their owners to understand a few basic things.  Like wanting the door/window open.  Or wanting to play.  Sigh.Anyway, here we go again.  My owner loves to feed all the critters that come around here, whether they are big or small.  I like those big, long-legged dogs with the big ears, and sometimes with horns coming out of their heads.  I think my owner calls them deer. Odd name.  Then there is the birds.  Some are big and scary looking, like the raven.  Some are small and just right for inviting in for dinner.  My owner feeds them a lot so they get nice and fat.  But, he never brings them inside for dinner.  He even has them land on his arms, his head, his shoulders, and, get this, right on his hand!nuthatch and me  But he never catches them to bring them in for us!  Can you believe that?  They are right on his hand.  Sigh.  He would never make a good cat.Then there is the chipmunks, they are definitely my favorite.  And, my owner feeds them all summer long, with peanuts!  They get so nice and fat looking.skamper with peanut  And they will crawl all over my owner, sit on his lap, and even go inside his pockets, BUT, he never, never tries to catch them!  It is just so hard to believe.  Oh well.I do like him anyway.  Even if he is a bit strange about these things.  Sigh.  We do have fun together though!  Wheehee!  Until next time, enjoy your week!

Muffin. (as meowed to Steve, I think)

©2019 Steve McLeod

7 Comments on “Owners Can Be Hard To Train. Part 2.

  1. Cats are very perceptive and they do know how to get one’s attention ! Some have to do a lot of work to train their owners…hmmm

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