Owners Can Be Hard To Train.

Greetings!  It’s been a while since my last note so here I am meowing out a new post to my readers.  Now, my owner might disagree with me on some points but facts are facts, he just doesn’t listen so well sometimes.  One day I’m meowing ever so nicely and running to the door because it’s a nice day and I want the door open so I can watch the chipmunks.  This is what my owner says; “Does Muffin want some food?  I’ll get you something to eat right away.”  NO, Muffin doesn’t want food, Muffin wants the door open. “Come get some food Muffin”, says my owner.  I don’t want FOOD, I want the door open. CHOMP!  “AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!  Bandages, bandages!”  My owner always says that.  I run back to the door.  He comes out and opens the door for me.  “Why didn’t you say so?”  I did, you were not listening.  Sigh.  Another day I want to play.  “Does Muffin want some food?  I’ll get you some right away.”  NO, Muffin wants to play!  CHOMP!  “AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!  Bandages, bandages!”  Then he comes back out with these funny things on his feet.  It’s hard not to laugh at him.  Then he plays with me.  Another time I want food, I’m hungry.  And I meow nicely rubbing against his legs.  “Oh, does Muffin want the door open?  I’ll open the door for you.”  And he does.  I just look at him swishing my tail.  I think he got it that time.  He ran quickly to the kitchen saying, “Muffin wants some food, right?”  Amazing.  He actually learned.  Until next time.  He has trouble remembering which meow is for which thing.  Oh well.  He’s pretty good anyway and I do like him.  Until next time!

Muffin, as meowed to Steve.  I think.  Hard to tell.  Sigh.

12 Comments on “Owners Can Be Hard To Train.

  1. I feel your pain. With our dog, I go through a list and I explain it to her: “You’ve been fed, you’ve been walked, you’ve been to the potty, you’ve been played with, you’ve had treats. What do you need, child?” Then lo and behold sometimes she just wants me to pet her and sit next to her. We are so very blessed to have animals. ☺️

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