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It’s Game Time!

Hi everyone and welcome to a look at some old board and card games from years gone by. I mentioned doing this before and finally decided this would be a good time of year to look at some of these old games from my… Continue Reading “It’s Game Time!”

Coffee With Steve…#2.

Hello everyone!  Welcome back to our second “Coffee” time here at Steve’s Country.  It’s a beautiful mild day again, rather heavy cloud cover, and some light snowflakes drifting lazily to the ground.  Some are dancing among the trees.  Speaking of the trees, every tree… Continue Reading “Coffee With Steve…#2.”

Happy Birthday Muffin!

HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY MUFFIN!!! Hey everyone, say happy birthday to Muffin today! Good morning everyone!  It’s been a wild morning around here!  We had an extra wild time playing with Muffin’s toys.  She really likes this fuzz ball she got for Christmas, can she… Continue Reading “Happy Birthday Muffin!”

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