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Daily Pics #189.

Good morning everyone! The sun is shining, the sky is a brilliant blue, I’m sitting on the deck enjoying this wonderful scene. My early gull has come and gone already and Sir Henry is here for his breakfast. Or maybe I should say, his… Continue Reading “Daily Pics #189.”

Cats And plants. Part 1.

Hi everyone and welcome back!  How are you all today?  I hope everyone is feeling fine and having a good day.  It is a rather cool day here, with cloudy skies.  Today I would like to share a bit about cats and plants.  However,… Continue Reading “Cats And plants. Part 1.”

Be Kind…A Poem.

BE KIND What does it mean to be kind, Do you know it in your mind? Is it something said or seen, Tell me now, what does it mean? To help someone on this day, Is surely kind, I do say. To be asked,… Continue Reading “Be Kind…A Poem.”

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