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Muffin’s Meowvelous Day!

Hi everyone! This Muffin here with another post for you to enjoy and laugh with me! Today was good day, the sun would shine and I would nap in my patch of sunshine. Then it rain and I would nap on bed. Then I… Continue Reading “Muffin’s Meowvelous Day!”

Muffin’s Human…A Fun Poem.

Muffin’s Human I would like to tell today, Of my human’s funny way. I just love to bite his feet, And watch him dance, it is neat. He will hit his head and sit On the floor, and groan a bit. He will kick… Continue Reading “Muffin’s Human…A Fun Poem.”

Is It Only My Human?

Hi everyone!  I’m back again with another of my ‘mewsings’.  It is so terrible that winter is back and there is nothing happening outside for me to watch.  No chipmunks.  Not even many birds.  Can’t have my window open.  Or the door.  It would… Continue Reading “Is It Only My Human?”

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