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An August Day, Part 3.

Hello everyone on this another beautiful day!  It’s cloudy this morning, very heavy cloud, so it’s dark in here today.  Actually need to have lights on this morning.  And there has been a bit of light rain too.  But it’s supposed to clear.  Kind…

Christmas Tree Fun! Sort Of.

Good evening readers!  Yes, I know.  It’s Wednesday.  Why am I writing today?  Just felt like it.  Don’t expect this all the time.  Before I forget, there are some new pics in my gallery for your enjoyment.  Or not.  I will be adding some…

Fall Hiking, The Upside.

Good afternoon on this mostly sunny, except for the cloudy afternoon which has now given way to sunny skies once again, day in the last half of October and really quite a nice day compared to what we have been experiencing although yesterday was…

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