Insulatoring. And a hard morning.

It is another very cool, foggy, fall morning and I mean it is cool as the temp only reached 61F, or 16.2C for those who prefer the archaic and very inaccurate method of measuring temperature, yesterday and this morning the fog was very heavy indeed making it hard to even see across the street at times but then for me it is hard to see across the street at any time since my apartment is at the back of the house so I can’t actually see the street at the best of times but when I went outside this morning I checked to see what it was like which is how I know what it was like because I wanted to see what it was like and that was the only way to see what it was like and that’s how I know but now the sun is trying hard to burn off that fog though there is still a bit and it is still very cool but it is supposed to warm up by the weekend which would be nice since the last two mornings my heater has come on because it has gotten so cold in here and it is a terrible thing that the heater is coming on already but that’s the way it goes sometimes and that is certainly the way it went this time and yes, I know, I am supposed to finish my story of dad and I on our hike through the bush in search of the elusive insulators and it was much different weather that day since it was sunny and very warm which it certainly is not going to be today but hopefully it will be warmer than the last two days and, okay, back to the story.  We were pushing our way through all that thick brush and finally we came to an area of pines with no undergrowth problems so it was easy going for a bit.  Then we came to a bit of a hill.  We were at the top. Dad looked down.  Long ways down, he said.  At least it’s downhill, I said.  Uphill on the way back, said dad.  Minor detail, I said, we’ll rest before coming back up.  Hey, I can hear a train, I said, we’re on the right path.  Path, questioned dad?  That train is not exactly close, he continued.  Minor detail, I said.  That looks like an easy way down, I said.  Right, said dad.  It really wasn’t too bad.  Sort of.  Dad wanted me to go first.  Naturally.  Down I started.  Watch that loose rock, I called back to dad.  What hawk, said dad.  Not hawk, ROCK, I yelled.  Too late.  Dad found the loose rock and AAAAAAAAAAAAAA, as he slid past me.  Slow down, I called out, or you’ll crash into those…too late.  There was a loud crunching noise as he came to a stop in a thick bunch of bushes.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, he called again.  Stop, he said, my glasses fell off!  I went carefully and found them, almost stepped on them.  Poor dad.  He wasn’t having a good day so far.  I helped him out of the bushes.  Wow, you sure flattened those bushes, I commented trying hard to contain laughing.  BONEHEAD, said dad.  Amazing that he would be enjoying this.  What happened to your hat?  Down there, he said.  Not sure how it managed to get so far ahead of him.  The rest of the way down wasn’t so bad.  But we were back into thick bush again.  Naturally dad sent me first.  We came to a small creek, which was very hard to see and I almost stepped into it.  Hey, a nice log across the creek, I said.  Try it out, said dad.  Naturally.  Half way across I jumped on the log to test its strength.  No problem, I said.  Dad’s turn.  As he stepped off the log on the other side his foot slipped and he ended up sitting on the log.  However, since he was heavier than me that fall was too much for the old log and down went dad, but he did miss the water.  Not quite sure how he missed it, but he did.  Help me up, he said.  I got a stick for him to grab.  The stick broke.  And dad went backward.  Wow, what a splash!  And there wasn’t even much water in that creek.  Here, try again, I said.  BONEHEAD!  I’m better off doing it myself, he said.  Fine. He did get out.  After slipping around in the water and mud.  You’re a mess, I said. Dad just looked at me.  Odd.  Good thing it is such a warm day, I said.  Right, said dad.  Not much farther now, I said.  Right, said dad.  That’s all for now.  Muffin is gone…and I’m finished. Sigh.  It has been a hard morning.  I hope you can all enjoy the remainder of your week.  God bless.

Steve. And no Muffin.

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