Deer, bear and other critters. The end of summer arrives.

Greetings everyone on this beautiful end of summer day even though there is one more day of summer left and I am not talking about what the calendar says about summer because that just doesn’t work around here when fall, or autumn if you prefer, starts September 1 and it really does and even now there is a noticeable difference in the weather as the nights are very cool and starting today even the days are much cooler since yesterday it was 82F and today it was only 65F and that is too sudden of a difference for someone like me but that is what happens this time of year when suddenly it is fall, or autumn if you prefer.  Sigh.  Fall is a beautiful time of year, but it is very short, and then…I don’t even like to think about it.  Sigh.  Summer came and went much too quickly.  Hardly had a chance to enjoy it.  But it was beautiful today even though cool, but on my deck where the sun hits directly in the afternoon it still gets quite warm.  So I was out there enjoying the sunshine and warmth and all my little critter friends.  There are now 5 chipmunks, Cheeky is the biggest, then R.B., Chipper, Check and Scramble.  Then there is my squirrel, Squirk, who has become very tame, and the 4 blue jays, crows and the deer, 6 of them today.  Tried getting some pictures but they were not cooperating.  Sigh.  Like the bear last week, he just would not turn around and look at me until he was far enough away that he didn’t look very big.  Actually he isn’t very big, about 250 lbs.  He started coming up on my deck but by the time I got my camera he was down under the apple tree.  Then he went over the fence into the neighbors yard to eat the apples that dropped over there so I went down to get a closer pic, but he just would not cooperate and stayed lying down behind the fence eating apples, so I was unable to get a decent pic.  Sigh.  Have started working on some projects, like my whimsical country bird houses.  These are not meant for use, just for decoration.  I like country decorating, especially primitive country.  Am going to make some country game boards next.  I enjoy making my own country items, for one thing they don’t need to be perfect, which is perfect, since I can’t do things perfect.  Plus it is cheaper.  Primitive country items can be expensive.  Though not everything.  Which is good.  Plus it is good to keep me busy.  My doctor doesn’t want me sitting too much.  But also doesn’t want me doing too much. Okay, make up my mind.  Sigh.  The birds are flocking together now, getting ready for their journey south.  Birds are smart, go south where it is warmer.  Actually some of our birds have already made the trip, such as night hawks.  Many more species will be gone over the next couple of weeks.  So sad.  There are a lot of little birds around now, different species of sparrows and warblers, but the bright colors of spring and summer are missing and though there are numerous calls and chirps, the actual songs are also mostly gone.  Even the loons and gulls don’t call as much this time of year.  Didn’t hear the loons as much this summer for some reason, don’t know why, guess they just were not spending as much time in the area this summer.  Sigh.  I really enjoy the call of the loon.  But I did get to enjoy Sir George this summer, I hope he will be back next year.  I know.  I’m just sort of rambling this week.  Like to do that sometimes.  And yes, I know I missed last week.  My apologies.  Technical difficulties again.  Me this time, not my computer.  Sigh.  Yes, I should be finishing my story I began 2 weeks ago.  Next week.  Hopefully.  Put up a new bird feeder yesterday, finally.  Birds were scared of it.  Good, said my landlord.  Not sure what was meant by that.  Okay, I’m back.  Blue jay was here for his evening snack so I had to give him a peanut.  They sure love those peanuts.  All my critters love peanuts.  It is very cool outside already and the sun hasn’t gone down yet.  Amazing.  It was very smoky in the air today, likely from forest fires out west.  The smoke gives a weird glow to the sun, a somewhat orange like color.  The smell is not as strong now as it was earlier this afternoon, but still noticeable.  We haven’t had many forest fires around here this year, too wet for most of the summer.  It is quite dry now however.  Guess I should stop rambling otherwise I will continue to ramble.  I hope you will all enjoy the remainder of your week and God bless!


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