The end of summer is nearly here.

It is hard to believe it has been a week already.  The time just goes by so fast these days.  Soon it will be that other season I don’t like to talk about.  It’s coming fast.  Too fast.  I’m a summer person.  Not that I spend much time outside anymore.  I don’t.  But summer is still much nicer than that other season which is so long.  And cold.  Summer is nice and warm.  It’s nice to go outside without having to put on a jacket.  And it is so nice to go out on the deck early in the morning with a hot cup of COFFEE and enjoy the sights and sounds of summer.  Like the sun glimmering on the brilliant emerald leaves as they gently rustle in the morning breeze.  The cry of the loon on a distant lake or river.  A little phoebe calling endlessly in the bushes just a little way from my deck.  A robin singing joyfully from the top of a nearby spruce.  The call of gulls as they laugh back and forth to each other.  Sigh.  I miss my gulls.  Sir George has not been here since last Thursday.  Amazing.  Don’t know what happened.  We were getting along so well.  It would not have been long and he would have been eating from my hand.  Sigh.  It’s August.  Warm days and cool nights.  A nice time of year except it means that summer is nearly over, then it’s fall, and then…it’s over.  Fall, or autumn, if you prefer, is just so short.  Normally anyway.  Even now the leaves are starting to change, the yellow is beginning to show among the green.  Usually birch is first, but this year it is the maple.  We did have a short time without much rain, but today that changed.  It rained.  Started about 2am.  Stopped by early afternoon.  Or thereabout.  Really reminded me of fall today.  And that got me thinking of times that dad and I went out for insulatoring or bottle digging, or rock collecting.  Well, minerals mainly.  This is ideal country for rock and mineral collecting.  That’s what we have, plus lakes and trees.  Absolutely beautiful country.  Fall was a good time for our adventures, and that’s when most of them took place.  The amazing things that happened sometimes.  Many times we didn’t find much interesting, but the things that happened are what made the outings so memorable.  Like this one time we were trying to find a way in to the railway which was quite a distance from where we had to park the car and that meant hiking a bit through the forest, or bush, as we like to call it and this one time after checking the map thoroughly we figured we had the shortest route planned so it should only take maybe 15 minutes or so and then we would be at a new location which would be nice since the isolated area should produce some nice finds for the growing collection but of course things don’t always work out the way we planned sometimes or maybe I should say they seldom worked out the way we planned since there was always something that happened to turn an easy hike into a rather arduous trek that would nearly wear us out before we reached our destination and on this particular day that is exactly what happened but it started out a fabulous sunny and warm day in late August so we drove to the spot where we would begin this short and easy hike and that part of the day was easy but that is where easy stopped and problems began but we grabbed our back packs and started through the bush which was no easy matter since it was very thick brush all through that area and there was no way around it so we just started pushing our way through it and usual I was in the lead since I had planned this route on the map which unfortunately I had forgotten to bring with me and so this is where we are now.   You forgot the map?, asked dad.  Well, I did bring a map, but it’s the wrong one, I said.  BONEHEAD, said dad.  We just got started and already he is enjoying himself, I thought to myself.  I remember the way, however, I said, I studied that map a lot.  Right, said dad.  So off we went.  Watch the branches, I said.   Thwack!  AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!  Guess he didn’t.  Dad’s hat went flying and got stuck in a tree.  I can get it, I said.  I grabbed a branch and reached up.  Sure enough I got it quite easily and I swung the branch down with dad’s hat attached to it.  Thwack!  AAAAA!!!!  Oops.  Guess I swung too hard.  Got dad right across the side of his head.  But amazingly his glasses didn’t fall off.  Thanks, said dad.  Not sure he really meant that.  Oh well.  Dad still wanted me to go first, he just stayed well back.  Speaking of back.  I will be back next week as we continue this adventure.  This got too long again.  Sorry about that.  Don’t forget to tell people about these ‘musings’!  And notice they are now available in 50 or so different languages.  This is still a work in progress, I hope to keep making improvements along the way.  And I will be adding more pics soon!  Muffin is sleeping.  Again.  These rainy days are good for that.  Think I will join her.  Enjoy the remainder of your week and God bless!

Steve. And Muffin.

2 Comments on “The end of summer is nearly here.

  1. Hey there bro. Loving your posts. I’ve not forgotten you, pray for you …and think of all the blessing you have been to my kidletts and me. I have a friend who is trying to sell some depression glass. Can I get her to send you pictures, and see if you can give her a ballpark figure of value so she does not get ripped off. She is a long time friend, from the church I went to in Bible College. Doris Snider is her name. We are doing good. God is continuing to look after me. I am starting two new jobs. I finally gave up the one I had when I lived up there. They were not giving me fair pay for mileage on my poor car. By Christmas my car will have 300,000 kms on her…the same little grey Cavalier I bought there after the green one was crunched. I found a good garage, Christian mechanics that I can trust to keep her running well. Can I ask you to pray something very specific. I am not liking Andrews wedding plans. It makes zero sense for them to have a grand wedding when they have been living together for 5 years. I am asking the Lord to have them drop the plans, and simply elope. Their plans are making things difficult for everyone, mostly Sarah. She does not want to go to Kenora, plus she wants to plan her wedding for the Spring. I can not do two weddings, would not have enough work time off. Saying something to them would only cause problems. His choices are my biggest point of grief. Seeing those babies, not learning anything about Jesus breaks my heart. Take care bro. Say hi to the folks there from me. ( just a note…Nate is 6′ 4″ tall!!)

    Thank-you Nancy Scott 613-438-0725

    On Aug 16, 2017 7:45 PM, “Steve`s Country Musings” wrote:

    > stevescountry posted: “It is hard to believe it has been a week already. > The time just goes by so fast these days. Soon it will be that other > season I don’t like to talk about. It’s coming fast. Too fast. I’m a > summer person. Not that I spend much time outside anymore. I” >


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