An August Morning.

It is an absolutely beautiful August day, the sun is shining brilliantly providing a nice penetrating warmth without being overly hot, a nice gentle breeze causing the leaves to whisper quietly, just one of those fantastic summer days!  I hope you are able to get out and enjoy some of the splendor of summer before it disappears.  The birds are especially active today, chickadees, nuthatches, goldfinches, rock doves and, of course, the ever present grackles and crows, and last but not least, Sir George, which you all know is a herring gull.  They are big birds.  Very big.  Especially when he is sitting on my little bird feeder.  And they are such a brilliant white, plus a bit of grey and black, with his bright yellow bill sporting a brilliant red spot.  They are a beautiful bird really, but many people just don’t seem to appreciate them.  Garbage birds, they say, and, too noisy.  They can be noisy, but it is such a welcome noise to me as it means summer!  It is always a thrill to see or hear them back in the spring.  Sigh.  It won’t be long and they will be leaving once again.  Though some do stay until November, most of the adults are gone by mid October.  That’s just 2 months.  Sigh.  Sir George is getting quite tame, I have been able to approach to within 3 feet of him, not bad for such a wary bird.  My aim is to get him to eat out of my hand.  Or at least off the plate I am holding.  Then to try and get a picture of that, which won’t be easy.  Sigh.  It is so nice to sit at my desk and gaze out the window at the picturesque lake, so calm in the early morning light, just a few ripples made by the loons and gulls, and a beaver quietly swimming past close to shore heading back to his lodge after a night of cutting trees, getting ready for the coming winter.  The loons mournful cry breaks the solitude of the moment, though for me that cry is more of a loud laughter of joy and praise to his Creator.  One after another many birds begin waking and soon a chorus of different songs fill the air.  And that air is so clear and clean it makes one invariably take a deep breath to enjoy it to the full.  A beautiful moment, and a beautiful memory.  Unfortunately there is no lake outside my window now, but there are lush trees of many varieties just past my little deck, a nice quiet spot to enjoy a morning cup of COFFEE!  And, of course, say hi to my many little visitors, Chipper, Cheeky and Stubby, the 3 chipmunks, Nosey, my squirrel, and the birds.  Last night there was a fox around, he barked steadily for 20 minutes, very loudly.  Woke me up.  Woke up Muffin as well, though I am sure she enjoyed having something different for a change.  To watch, that is.  However, this started just after 3am, a little too early even for me.  But I was very much awake by the time that little fox stopped.  He must have been pretending to be a rooster.  Or something.  Sigh.  So I am a bit tired now.  But it is too early to head to bed.  Yes, it is evening.  Muffin is sleeping, but if I went to bed now I would be up at 3 again.  Not a good idea.  Sigh.  Speaking of technology.  Why is it only me that has problems?  Sigh.  At least my computer is working again.  Except it won’t talk to me anymore.  She says she can’t hear me.  Right.  Just doesn’t want to.  Sigh.  Now my tablet is giving me trouble.  Turned it on yesterday and nothing wanted to work.  Not even factory installed items.  Discovered it was in something called safe mode.  So what’s with that?  How did that happen?  And I couldn’t undo it.  Fortunately my tablet was still talking to me, one of the few things that did work.  So it told me what to do.  Odd.  Now it works.  Sort of.  Wants to freeze up all the time now.  And overheat.  Sigh.  It’s enough to make me jump up and down, pull my hair, bang my head against the wall, roll on the floor (what do you expect after banging my head on the wall), and, and, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! It’s okay.  I’m fine.  I’m calm.  Sigh.  Had to phone some place the other day.  I hate doing such a thing now.  Nothing but machines telling me to press 1 for this, 2 for that…and so on.  But I did it anyway.  Nothing on that initial list fit what I wanted to do.  So I picked the closest one.  On to the next level.  Did the same thing.  Next level.  Same thing.  On the sixth level it finally had press 4 to talk to the operator.  GREAT!  Right.  Got the operator.  Sort of.  All operators were busy.  So I was put on hold.  What they mean to say is, they only have one operator who is presently talking to a friend.  Sigh.  Anyway, after only 8 minutes I got to talk with the operator!  Who told me I was in the wrong department and to go back to the original menu and press 2.  And then…that’s when I hung up.  Okay, so I’m a terrible person.  Sometimes I hate machines.  Sigh.  Mostly they hate me. Oops.  I was supposed to finish the insulatoring story.  Sorry.  Next time.  Maybe.  Who knows?  Anything can happen with me.  And usually does.  Sigh.  I hope you enjoy your weekend, and God bless!

Steve.  And Muffin.  And critters.

3 Comments on “An August Morning.

  1. Nothing more annoying than being told to press 1 , etc….I rarely get the right place that I want…I say , go back to real people answering !


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