Continuing with the insulatoring. Sort of.

Good morning on this rather cloudy and cool day which could mean the end of our nice hot summer weather that we enjoyed for about a week which really makes for a short summer thought a lot of people seem to like this cooler weather better which is hard to understand since most of the year it is either cold or cool so it is actually quite nice to get some hot weather too and we just don’t get much hot weather anymore like we used to have and I am not going only by what I remember but actual weather records that show our summers used to be hotter for longer periods of time than they are now but I guess we just try to enjoy what we have as much as possible and since I spend most of my time indoors now anyway then I guess it doesn’t really matter too much although it still is nice to have weather that is nice and especially nice sunny days which are nice thought we do need some of those cloudy rainy days too I guess but this year we have been getting a lot of those rainy type days and I mean a lot of them meaning more than the non rainy type days except for the last week or so but now it looks like we are heading back into the cloudy rainy days for a while and the days are sure getting noticeably shorter now too which is terrible since that means that we are heading quickly to that season of the year which makes up most of our year and which I don’t like to talk about since it is too cold for old critters like me and I think I will be staying indoors even more than usual when that season shows up and, and…sigh.  Some people think my ‘musings’ are too long but if I make them any shorter I won’t be able to say anything.  Not that I say much anyway.  But I sometimes spend a lot of time saying nothing.  Which can be fun.  Sir George just arrived again.  Second time this morning.  Not bad.  Chuck isn’t too happy.  Nothing left for him.  But he got some before.  Actually have 2 squirrels around again.  One is a young one.  Not much bigger than a chipmunk.  And a blue jay has also showed up again.  He’s molting so looks a bit odd.  Having these 2 coming back is a sign of fall.  Or autumn if you prefer.  Cooler days are good days for COFFEE!  And speaking of COFFEE.  Dad and I had decided to find a nice sunny spot to sit and have our COFFEE so we could dry out a bit and relax after our little adventure, as you might recall from last week.  Actually it was a fairly hot day so getting wet was not really so bad.  Although dad wasn’t so happy about his part.  We climbed a little hill overlooking the area nicely.  A great spot to see where we will be heading next.  A fairly large hill coming up.  Sometimes they can be quite productive.  Though not always.  But sometimes.  Dad, as usual now, sat as far from me as he could.  Odd.  Toss my sandwiches, called dad.  So I did.  He missed them.  They bounced off a boulder and slid down the edge of the rock hillside and right over the edge to the tracks below.  Dad just stood there looking over the edge.  Then he called out, BONEHEAD!  Odd that he would be enjoying that.  Oh well.  You can go down and get them, he said.  Me?  Yes, you.  Sigh.  Off I went.  Came back up.  Dad said, toss them gently this time.  So I did.  He missed again.  Knocked his cup of COFFFEE off the rock where he had it ‘safely’ out of the way he said.  Should have realized that no place is safe, he said.  Not sure what he meant by that.  I poured him another cup and brought it over to him.  Careful, he said.  I’m not going to spill it, I said.  I didn’t try to anyway.  But I stepped on a little rock which moved and I lost my balance, dad’s eyes got real big and he tried to get out of the way but somehow we both ended up in the same spot and I kind of threw the cup of COFFEE and his stomach ended up getting rather wet.  BONEHEAD, said dad.  You shouldn’t have moved, I said.  I shouldn’t have left home this morning, he said.  Odd thing to say considering he likes insulatoring so much.  Chipmunks are back looking for peanuts.  Guess that means it’s time to quit.  I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and weekend!  God bless!


One Comment on “Continuing with the insulatoring. Sort of.

  1. Another great story of your ” insulatoring ” …loved the pics as well…


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