Good morning everyone on a most beautiful sunny afternoon!  I’m finally back!!  You have noticed I was away, right?  A few of you?  Sigh.  I know many of my faithful readers are no longer faithfully reading.  But that’s okay.  A big welcome to my many new faithful readers, now reading from 3 countries!  Wheehee!  Keep passing the news of my new site and perhaps we can add even more countries to the list!  This is fun.  Okay, why was I away?  Don’t ask.  Technical difficulties of 2 different varieties.  One is solved.  I hope.  The other is still problematic.  Sigh. Not sure when that one will be solved.  Oh well.  New pics coming, including Sir George sitting on my bird feeder, well, standing anyway.  Not easy getting a good photo of a herring gull, they are such a brilliant white, gives them a ‘glowing’ look, need a better camera I guess, but at least you can see him.  Herring gulls are big birds, with a big appetite.  There is also a grackle above his head.  Nice that he is getting to trust me more.  Like the gulls at my last place he sits outside and calls if there is no food on the feeder.  Poor Chuck, the crow, doesn’t really like Sir George but since he is only half the size he has to wait his turn for the food, which means sometimes he doesn’t get much.  So then he tries going after the chipmunks food.  Chipper will run, but Cheeky (used to be little chip) chases Chuck.  I know.  My title says insulatoring.  I’m getting there.  But this way I can make it two parts.  Wheehee!  Oops.  Sorry.  I got a bit wet this morning.  Another rather large thunderstorm, with drenching rain.  And I certainly did.  Get drenched.  Sigh.  Wasn’t even outside long.  Also had some fun.  Was standing on top of a three step stool, at the top of some stairs, full story like bunch of stairs.  And I looked down.  It was a long way down.  I get kind of woozy when I do that.  Not exactly a good thing.  For me anyway.  Sigh.  I do strange things sometimes.  Speaking of shopping.  Oops.  Sorry.  Supposed to be about insulatoring.  I’m getting there.  Right now it is very nice and sunny and warm, just the kind of day that dad and I like for insulatoring.  So off we went.  It was a wet year, like this one.  And after a mile of walking we really didn’t have much to show for our efforts.  Only half a dozen very common types, but at least they were in nice condition.  Then came a marshy area.  Some poles had been cut down and were left lying in the water.  Complete with cross arms and insulators.  Unfortunately they were out of reach.  If we could only reach out to that grassy clump we could get a number of insulators.  Hmm.  Dad found part of an old pole.  We stood it up and dropped in towards the grassy clump. Whump!  Splash!  We did it.  Amazing.  Go out and get them, said dad.  Why me, I asked?  Because you’re smaller and I will sit on the pole so it won’t move, replied dad.  Pole is solid, I said, and you have better balance, and also it was your idea to go insulatoring today.  Fine, said dad.  And off he went.  Made it easily.  He started taking off the insulators.  I sat on the pole watching.  Good and solid, as I tried to rock it.  Then it moved.  Just slightly.  Got dad in the back of the legs.  And he sat down.  On the other side of the pole.  With a noticeably loud schlump!  He was waving his arms.  I can’t get up, he called.  Why not, I asked?  Don’t ask questions, just come and help me, he yelled.  So I found a stick and walked over to where dad was sitting.  Wow, you’re in deep, I said.  Haha, said dad.  I tried poking my stick under him.  What are you trying to do, asked dad?  Pry you out, said I.  BONEHEAD!  Odd that he would be enjoying this.  That’s gooey mud, I said, I think you are sinking deeper.  Very funny, said dad.  Maybe if I lift your legs, I said.  Which I started to do.  AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!  Don’t lay down, I said, that’s water behind you.  Put my legs down, he said.  Here, I’ll roll you over.  Nooo!!!  Dad’s arm went underwater that time.  Now you’re getting wet, I said.  BONEHEAD, said dad. Double odd.  AAAAAAA!!  What’s that, asked dad?  I put the stick under you when I rolled you over.  It actually worked.  Sort of.  Dad managed to pull himself out.  Wow, look at the size of that hole you made, I said.  Haha, said dad.  Since you’re here, help get the rest of these insulators, said dad.  Nothing much exciting here, I said.  Get that one, said dad.  Can’t reach, said I.  Move closer, said dad, it’s solid.  I did.  It wasn’t.  My feet disappeared.  AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!  Wet feet, I said.  Oh, said dad.  I think he did that deliberately.  Finally we were both back on solid ground again.  Must be time for COFFEE, said dad.  Great idea, said I.  The gulls were squawking overhead.  Just like they are now.  I really enjoy that sound.  A real sound of summer.  Muffin is enjoying here patch of sunshine by the window.  Sun and a nice breeze too.  Nice.  If the weather is nice, get out and enjoy the outdoors.  Summer is nearly over.  For us anyway.  At any rate, I hope you enjoy the remainder of your week, God bless!

Steve. And Muffin.

One Comment on “Insulatoring!

  1. Love the pics ! And the exploring for insulators…at least Dad got his coffee this time !


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