This and that. Or something.


Notice the new addition to my sign!  Wheehee!  And Momma came by again. And then there is Muffin!

Greetings all on this absolutely beautiful, sunny, warm, sunny, with just a light breeze, sunny, and overall very nice day.  And it’s sunny too.  A nice summer day.  Especially after a couple days of cool, rainy weather.  And it rained.  A lot.  Just over 4 inches.  We have had a lot of rain this summer.  More than usual.  Does keep everything nice and lush and green however.  Which is nice.  Speaking of computers.  Mine is not being nice.  Again.  It keeps changing things.  While I am in the middle of doing something.  Or it makes things totally disappear.  Then brings it back.  Mixed up.  Sigh.  It can only happen to me.  That fellow Murphy was certainly a smart person.  Like those laws of his.  Or whatever they are.  Certainly fits me anyway.  Doesn’t matter what it is, if I am doing something, there will be problems.  Always happens.  And at the worst times too.  Like when I am in a hurry. Speaking of being in a hurry.  I was late getting my supper.  And I was sore and tired.  Bad combination for me.  Picked up the pot of corn too quickly and the water splashed out.  All over the stove.  And the counter.  And on my hand.  And down my leg.  On pants I had just put on.  And on my socks.  Which, amazingly, I had only changed twice that day.  And since it splashed on me, it was of course, quite hot.  So I ended up jumping around and dropping the pot, which just missed my foot, which then spread the contents all over the floor, which I then stepped on and went sliding, but amazingly didn’t fall, and Muffin came to see if there was anything good to eat, but quickly realized there wasn’t and since I was still jumping around she decided to leave and so my supper was a little later again and without my veggies and by the time the cleanup was finished my supper was not exactly hot anymore, and, and…sigh.  But things happen to me all the time.  The other day I was taking apart an old desk.  And the top fell on my head.  Which made me lay down on the floor.  And don’t ask how the top fell on my head.  But it did.  And it left a rather large lump.  Which is smaller now, but still sore, and when I got my haircut this morning I had to tell the barber to be careful and he thought the lump was quite large but really it is much smaller than it was even though it still hurts and, and…sigh.  Things happen to me.  I inherited this from my dad.  He was very accident prone, as you all know, well, many of you know, except for my new readers, but you will soon find out too, and so things just happen.  All the time.  Speaking of phones.  The other day I wanted to check on something about my phone.  So I call their phone.  But, of course, no people answer, just a machine, telling me to press the number for what I wanted.  Except there was no number for what I wanted.  So I pressed the number that I thought was close.  I have done similar things before.  So I should know better.  Anyway, all I get is more choices.  I press a number again.  And I get more choices.  I press a number again.  And I get more choices.  This is now getting annoying.  But this time there is a number for an actual person.  Great!  A lady answers.  I’m sorry, she says, this is the wrong department for that.  So she tells me to go back to the main menu and start over. At which point I hung up.  I was not about to go through that again.  Maybe another day.  Sigh.  What I find amazing is, other people don’t seem to have these problems.  Only me.  How is that possible?  The other day was kind of windy.  So as I went out the door a gust of wind caught the door, which I was holding onto, and blew it wide open.  That made me lose my balance, which happens to me a lot, but I did not fall, nonetheless I did manage to step into the ‘critter pool’.  So I ended up with a wet foot, a wet sock, and a wet shoe.  So I had to go back in and change.  I do not like wet feet, as you know.  Or at least some of you know.  Except for my new readers.  Sigh.  What is a ‘critter pool’ you ask?  Normally it would be called a bird bath.  Except mine is used mostly by squirrels and chipmunks.  Which is why the different name.  Let’s face facts, I’m different.  Or, as some would say, strange.  Not quite sure why.  Sigh.  Muffin is enjoying some time in the sun.  And Chuck (the crow) just came and took the peanuts I had put out for the chipmunks.  Oh well.  Haven’t seen Sir George today.  He has been coming very regularly lately, twice a day.  Seems to prefer just having some bread, one slice per trip.  He’s one big bird.  For those who don’t know, he is a herring gull, a very large bird that does not normally come to a small bird feeder.  He is getting braver, but I still haven’t been able to get a picture of him.  Sure wish I had taken pictures of all the gulls at my last place.  I miss my gulls.  They were mostly ring-billed gulls.  And they were very brave.  There was a pair of herring gulls over there too.  Sigh.  Hmm, I was going to talk about something else today.  But this is already too long.  Sigh.  Hope you all enjoy your weekend, God bless!

Steve.  And Muffin.


4 Comments on “This and that. Or something.

  1. Love the pics ! …yes, you certainly are accident prone…just like Dad…your incidents are funny altho’ not for you ! Not funny when you get hurt either ! Your new format is great !


  2. Nice page Steve. Is that picture of the old farm house or barn one of yours?


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