Fall Has Officially Arrived. And Insulatoring.

Good morning on this rather cool, cloudy, wet evening on the last Monday of the month of September and it is definitely a cool day once again and we have been getting cool day after day for a while now and though I know it is fall, or autumn if you prefer, but it is still very cool even for this time of year although it did manage to climb all the way up to 52F, or 11C for those who prefer the more inaccurate form of measuring temperature, which I definitely do not and I can’t understand why anyone would but this is a strange world at times and it is really and actually officially fall now and this is a beautiful time of year except of course for one thing and that is quite simply because it is very cool and wet and is supposed to continue very cool and wet this fall, meaning of course that it rains a lot, which is not something that I enjoy since I am definitely a warm weather type of person where it is warm enough that you don’t have to dress so warm it is hard to move around and of course fall means that we move from cool to cold to very cold to extremely cold where we stay for a few months and…sigh.  What a terrible thing to think about.  I missed last week.  Well, in some ways I didn’t miss last week but I still missed last week, if you know what I mean.  Technical difficulties again.  Me, this time.  Often it is, even if it isn’t, if you know what I mean.  I have started my Christmas shopping.  Hey, it’s cold, what else is there to do?  Besides, stores are putting out Christmas displays already so why not start shopping?  And to think that dad and I used to enjoy going insulatoring this time of year.  Though it was nicer when the weather was a bit warmer than it has been lately.  This is just too cool.  Or did I mention that already?  Anyway, back to insulatoring.  Dad and I finally made it to our destination, or at least the beginning of our destination.  So we decided to sit down and have an early lunch before heading out looking for the elusive chunks of glass and porcelain.  Dad says to me, you sit here while I go sit over there.  How nice, doesn’t even want to sit close to me.  Oh well.  You’re not going to sit on that log are you?, I asked.  Naturally, said dad, it’s a good place to sit.  Could be bees living in that old log, I said.  Too fresh and solid, he replied.  Uh, maybe you shouldn’t sit there anyway, said I.  Just toss me my sandwiches, said dad, and do it gently.  So I did, and he caught them for a change.  Then it happened.  Dad suddenly jumps up, drops his sandwiches and starts yelling and dancing around.  Good thing no one else is around to see you, I said.  I’m covered with ants, dad yelled!  Not surprising, you put your foot right on top of their little home, I said.  Dad was ripping his pants off at this point.  AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!  What are you doing?, I yelled.  Dad didn’t reply, he was too busy wiping ants off of himself.  Why didn’t you tell me there was ants?, asked dad.  Well, actually, I did try to warn you but you didn’t listen, I replied.  BONEHEAD!  Strange that he could possibly be enjoying himself.  For any new readers out there, dad used to say BONEHEAD a lot when we were together.  I finally figured it must mean he was enjoying himself.  Couldn’t think of any other reason for saying it so much.  Oh well. One of dad’s sandwiches was now covered with ants.  Just scrape them off, I said, they are likely clean little critters.  Dad just looked at me.  Somehow I don’t think he believed me.  Sigh.  Dad sat down on a small rock and asked me to toss him his thermos of COFFEE.  So I did.  Dad was bent over looking at something on the ground.  THUNK!  Right on his head.  Knocked his glasses off.  And his hat.  And he got up quickly holding his head and moaning.  NO, be careful, I yelled!!  Guess it startled dad and he sat down very suddenly forgetting he had been sitting on a rock so he yelled again.  Then he asked what was wrong.  I didn’t want you to step on your glasses, I said.  I had already picked them up, dad replied, now I have dropped them again, and I can’t see them now.  Neither could I.  Dad just sat there looking all around, after telling me not to move.  I just wanted to help.  Over there by the ants, I called out.  Good, go get them, he said.  Me?  It was your fault, he said.  How could it be my fault when I was trying to help you?, I asked.  But I got them anyway.  You really should be more careful with these, I said as I walked over to him.  That’s when I tripped.  Dad’s eyes got real big.  He was pouring his COFFEE at the time, knocked the cup on the ground, COFFEE ran down his leg.  Dad jumped up again.  At least he didn’t dance around this time or rip his pants off.  BONEHEAD!  Amazing.  It was such a nice sunny and warm day.  Unlike today which is cloudy, cool and wet.  Sigh.  Whatever the weather I hope you can get out and enjoy your week!  God bless!


And then there are critters.  But that is for next week.

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