Happy Thanksgiving! Plus Muffin, critters and other things.

Good morning and happy Thanksgiving to everyone on this rather cool, cloudy and windy afternoon!  It certainly does feel like fall today.  Really, it does.  But the brilliant colors of yellow, gold, orange, red and shades in between, still shine brightly and they are very much at their peak right now even though some trees still retain their summer green.  But all those colors just radiate their beauty among the greens of the pine, spruce, balsam and cedar.  A fabulous painting, more breath-taking than the largest display of fireworks, given to us by God to enjoy.  With all the hills in this area it is possible to see this display of color for miles around.  Speaking of displays.  I like to feed some of the smaller critters around here.  And peanuts work just fine for all of them.  I just open my door to feed the squirrel and 5 chipmunks and doing it this way ensures they actually get the peanuts and not the blue jays and crows.  Although I do feed the birds as well.  Anyway, I put my hand out one day with a nice peanut for RB and instead of grabbing the peanut, which I accidently dropped, he latched onto my finger.  Solidly.  And would not let go.  Muffin was right beside me while this was happening and I could just imagine what was going on in her little mind.  Muffin is thinking, “ you have him hooked good, now just swing him inside and I will do the rest!” Right.  Like that is going to happen.  I tried to gently shake him off.  No good.  What to do?  Then he must have spotted the real peanut and he let go, grabbed the peanut and he was off.  I looked at Muffin.  Her eyes were half closed and she was thinking, “if you were a cat you would starve.”  And she walks away.  Hmm, sometimes I wonder if I spend too much time with animals.  Sigh.  Speaking of time.  Another week was missed.  I know.  It was technical difficulties again.  Namely me.  It was just one of those weeks.  Computer didn’t want to work properly.  Printer ran out of ink, right while I was printing something important.  Naturally.  And I didn’t have an extra cartridge.  Naturally.  I have been trying to make myself a pie for my birthday.  I know, it’s not my birthday, that’s in June.  I just haven’t been able to get it done yet.  Finally did.  Dropped it on the floor.  Splat!  Pie everywhere.  Except where it is supposed to be.  In my mouth.  Sigh.  Muffin came running to see if it was something good to eat.  Naturally.  And it was.  She enjoys that same kind of pie.  Sigh.  Since I am on this terrible gluten free diet pies are no longer easy to make.  Gluten free flour is just not the same as regular flour.  So I bought a pre-made pie shell.  That thing cost $8, only to end up in pieces on the floor.  Sigh.  But I’m not giving up.  Even if it takes me until next June.  Sigh.  Speaking of bears.  I am.  There are at least 2 that come around regularly, at all hours of the night, or day.   So I have to look carefully around before venturing outdoors.  One is small, less than 200 lbs, the other is about 500 lbs.  They both come up on my deck whenever they decide to walk through the yard.  They probably found some leftover food on the bird feeder once or twice so now they check it regularly.  I make sure there is no food left on it overnight now, but since these bears come around during the day also, that makes it a little tougher.  Sigh.  Hopefully I can get a nice picture of one at some point, but from a safe location.  If that’s possible.  Speaking of hospitals.  Ever have to go to the emergency room?  They have an odd way of determining what constitutes an emergency.  I assume that as long as you can crawl in on your hands and knees, then it can’t be too serious.  Which means a long wait.  Me; how long before I can see the doctor?  Receptionist; it will only be a minute.  The waiting room is empty, so I  assume she is right.  I sit down.  An hour later.  Me; is the doctor very busy?  There is a young boy that has a cold, but the doctor will be with you in a minute.  I’m not sure about you, but I always thought a minute was 60 seconds.  In the emergency room it is one hour.  Amazing. So this means I have another hour to wait.  For a cold.  Already my back is screaming with pain.  Has been since I left home.  Sigh.  My own doctor shows up, what are you doing here?, she asks.  Just wanted to rest my feet.  I explain.  Be with you in a minute, she says.  Great.  Three hours now.  Sigh.  But it was actually only 5 minutes.  At least it is getting closer to real time.  Calling a taxi.  We’ll be there in just a minute, she says.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sigh.  Speaking of stairs.  I don’t really like stairs.  I very much dislike stairs.  Because at some point I am going to fall down those stairs.  Which has happened three times since moving to this apartment.  Not nice.  It hurts.  Especially with my back.  So now I am moving around even slower than normal.  Sigh.  It’s fall.  And the colors are simply beautiful.  Hard to truly describe it properly.  So get out and enjoy the colors, they don’t last long.  Too often we get so busy that we miss this simple beauty.  Enjoy your week, happy Thanksgiving once again and God bless!

Steve. And Muffin.

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