The insulatoring saga is continued!

It is fall.  The colors are simply beautiful.  Well, they were.  Then came the frost.  That started the process of falling leaves.  Then there is today.  A very nice sunny and fairly warm day.  And windy.  Very windy.  Which means, of course, that the remaining leaves are very quickly leaving the trees.  Actually, not many left on the trees now.  Amazing some of those trees don’t leave with the leaves, though I think a neighbor down the street lost a tree and has been busy sawing most of the afternoon.  Surprising how the little birds out here can manage to fly around in that wind, like the chickadees, not exactly strong fliers, but it doesn’t seem to bother them at all.  Probably use up more energy though.  At least the wind got rid of all the feathers on my deck.  They are from the doves.  There are over 40 of them and they have discovered that I put food out for the juncos, and they like the same food, except they eat a LOT more of it, and fast.  Very fast.  Muffin really enjoys watching those doves, her eyes get so big.  She is thinking, ‘food for a week from just one bird!’  Speaking of food.  Tubby, the new squirrel actually chased Squirk, my squirrel, from his territory.  I didn’t think it would be possible.  Squirk was always chasing him, and fighting him, but, he lost.  And now he is gone.  I miss Squirk.  Though he has come back twice when the Tubby wasn’t around.  But now he doesn’t even try.  Sigh.  I miss Squirk.  Had him here since he was just a baby, not even as big as a chipmunk.  And he was so friendly.  Sigh.  I miss my deer too.  And my gulls.  Sigh.  This area of town just isn’t the same.  Now I wouldn’t mind if the bears would stop coming around.  That would be fine.  Always have to look around so carefully before going outside, no matter what time of day it is.  Sigh.  Maybe I’m just getting old.  Okay, I am.  But that’s not what I mean.  Some people can be so sarcastic.  Oh well.  Oh, that’s right, good morning everyone on this very nice, though very windy, evening.  The sun has just set, nice orange glow on the horizon, the sky is still blue though turning that usual early evening gray.  The birds have gone to bed, except for a few stragglers such as the chickadees and a couple juncos trying to find some seeds the doves missed.  It is hard to hear when the wind is so strong, especially along the railway tracks.  And it really started to pick up while dad and I were trying to finish our lunch after dad finally settled down from his dancing with the ants, though he complained a bit about a headache from being hit on the head with his thermos of COFFEE.  You shouldn’t have bent over after asking me to toss the thermos, I said.  Dad just looked at me.  Do you think you could hand me a piece of cake without tossing it or dropping it?, dad asked.  Sure, I said, as I walked over and handed it to him.  Where is my COFFEE?, asked dad.  I put it over here where it would be safe, I said.  You could have left it closer to me, said dad.  What?  I said closer to me, said dad.  Hard to hear with this wind, I said.  What?  The strong wind makes it hard to hear, I yelled.  That’s what I said, it should be over here, dad yelled back.  That’s why I put it here, I said.  I want it closer to me, dad yelled.  Now, I am positive dad said he wanted me to throw it to him.  Which I thought kind of odd after the last time.  But I did anyway.  Dad stood up just at that moment.  THUMP!  Right in his stomach.  Dad sat down very quickly again.  He forgot he was sitting on that rock I guess.  And he sat down too far back, the rock wasn’t that big.  So he fell backward.  There was rose bushes behind that rock.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Dad yelled.  Considering his legs were in the air, it is amazing how fast he was able to get up again.  You dropped your cake, I said, trying hard not to laugh.  Plus, when he was trying to get up, he squished it with his hand.  Too bad there is no water around to wash your hand, I said.  He wiped it on my jacket.  Hey, my jacket, I said.  Ha, ha, said dad.  That wasn’t funny.  A train roared past.  We may as well start looking for insulators, yelled dad.  Where, I don’t see any, said I.  Not here, we need to get going, said dad.  We just got here, we should be looking for insulators, I said, after all we want to find something before we head home.  We’re not going home until we find some insulators, said dad, get walking.  You’re right, this wind does make it hard to talk, said I.  That’s true, it doesn’t look like it will be hard walking through there, dad agreed.  Which way should we go?, I asked.  That’s fine, we can go that way if you want, said dad.  And off he went.  I guess he wants to go that way I thought to myself, so off I went.  It can be hard to carry on a conversation with that strong wind and a roaring train.  But dad and I had no problem.  Guess we were used to that sort of thing.  It’s getting darker.  Now comes the arguing.  I want to close the door.  Muffin is still looking out the door.  It’s getting dark, I said.  The bear might be around.  It’s still early, says Muffin.  She figures this is the best time to see something.  That’s true.  But not something I want to see.  Which is why the door is usually closed by this time.  Muffin doesn’t understand these things.  She thinks it’s me that doesn’t understand.  Which is why I bought more bandages.  It’s that time of year again.  Sigh. I hope you can all enjoy the nice weather this week, unless it is not nice where you live.  In that case I will enjoy it for you!  Wheehee!  God bless!

Steve. And Muffin.

One Comment on “The insulatoring saga is continued!

  1. It is sad to see the birds and animals leave, but there are some who stay behind like the Blue Jays, Chickadees, Nuthatches and squirrels…poor Dad ! He sure was accident prone like someone else I know !


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