Fall came and fall went. Now it’s white.

Good morning on this morning which is definitely a morning even if it isn’t morning where you live but anyway it is morning here even though maybe not the morning I was looking forward to kind of morning but it is still morning and personally I would like to be in bed even though it is still morning since I really didn’t get much sleep last night so I am very tired this morning and it really is a morning though quite dull and I still need to have a light on to see in here and it is late morning now but it seems more like early morning but it is a very dull, cloudy kind of day and last week when I wrote this it was very nice and warm and really a beautiful fall, or autumn if you prefer, day, but today is anything but a beautiful fall day as it is very cloudy, very windy and very much snowing out there making this a winter kind of day which then makes this a winter kind of morning and I am really not looking forward to winter and it is very early for winter but winter is here nonetheless even though it might warm up enough to melt some of this snow but not likely all of this snow and it really isn’t supposed to warm up much at all after this snowstorm so it is quite possible that winter is here to stay which would be a terrible thing since I am not really looking forward to winter and every winter gets harder than the previous winter for this old guy which is why I am not looking forward to winter this year even more than most years that I don’t look forward to winter and this morning I went out to feed the birds and squirrel and of course I needed to get rid of some of that snow out there which had covered the feeders and of course my shovel was buried behind some other stuff and one would think I would have realized this yesterday and unburied the shovel before the snow came but of course I did not do that because that would just make sense and why would I do something that makes sense so there I was trying to get at my shovel with bare hands since I don’t have gloves at the moment and one would think I would get some gloves since I knew the snowstorm was coming but no, why would I want to do something sensible like that when I can freeze my hands instead which is much more fun and of course this is also garbage day and I really do need to get my garbage out today so there I am trying to dig out my garbage can and get all my garbage out there since I have to keep it in the apartment all week because of the multitudinous bears that seem to enjoy coming around here and last Saturday night there was 2 bears on my deck no less and both were the same size around 300lbs and they were side by side finishing off the leftover bird seed and then they went after my landlords bird feeders smashing one into many pieces and feasting on the sunflower seeds and so this is why I can’t leave any garbage outside so anyway I get my garbage ready and then try to pull and push my garbage can through the snow and out to the street which was certainly no easy feat for this old guy and of course I still don’t have gloves or boots so I am not only freezing my hands on this metal handle but I am also slipping and sliding all over the place and ending up on the ground at one point which really was not a lot of fun and was also very wet since this is a very heavy wet kind of snow which is even worse and makes it even harder to get around than in normal dry type of snow and I just heard the snowplow go by which means it piled snow in front of my garbage can and I hope it didn’t knock over my garbage can because that would really not be very much fun but I don’t plan on going out again right now to check because it really isn’t very nice weather out there right now and it is that kind of weather where it is best to just stay indoors and drink COFFEE all day long and I found out the other day that Muffin really likes COFFEE because I spilled some from the can onto the floor and I am talking about new unused dry kind of COFFEE here before it gets brewed into something fine to drink but anyway Muffin always likes to come and check whenever I spill something and it is quite amazing that she even knew about this since dry COFFEE falling on the floor does not exactly make a lot of noise but anyway she came along and immediately started rolling around in it and she was acting like it was catnip which is rather strange since catnip and COFFEE are not exactly similar but she certainly enjoyed herself and if you think I was going to try and stop her forget it as I doubt I would have enough bandages for such an encounter and I just would not want to try that and, and…sigh.  It’s one of those days.  Good day to do some cleaning.  Right.  There is never a good day for cleaning.  It’s just one of those things that needs to get done whether it is a good day or not.  Sigh.  Guess I should stop.  I need more COFFEE!  Try to enjoy your week, or what’s left of it anyway.  God bless!

Steve. And Muffin.

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