It’s an early winter. Sigh.

Good morning all on this wintry afternoon!   Winter arrived way too early this year, just wasn’t expecting that at all.  But that’s the way it goes.  Winter is just not my favorite time of year.  At one time I actually liked winter.  There was always a lot of extra things to do.  Such as snowshoeing.  Which I enjoyed.  And all the winter birds that would come to my feeder.  It was fun.  I was strange back then.  Now winter is just cold.  With snow.  And cold.  And wind.  And cold.  Back to putting on 50 lbs of clothes before going outside.  And it’s still cold.  After all, it’s winter.  And winter is cold.  No matter how insulated a person is with the warmest of clothes…it is still cold.  Can’t get away from that fact.  Just stay inside and drink COFFEE!  Poor Muffin.  She also does not like winter.  Because she can’t have the door open anymore.  She likes having that door open, she figures it is much better than just looking out the window.  Even though the bird feeder is right outside the window.  It’s still not as good as the door.  Sigh.  But all the extra bandages on my feet help to insulate them a bit from the cold.  Somewhat.  Sort of.  Actually nothing really works.  My feet get cold easily.  But then, so does the rest of me. And it is much worse now than it used to be.  Feeling the cold that is.  That’s part of the post polio syndrome.  Naturally.  Now if it would make me feel the warmth more instead.  But then, it would likely only happen when it is summer.  Sigh.  Speaking of phones.  I have one.  It’s the old fashioned kind.  You know, a landline type.  The kind that sits on a table and you can’t carry out the door with you.  It doesn’t fit in your pocket type of phone.  Nothing fancy about it.  Doesn’t have call display or anything like that.  It’s just a phone.  Most things that people today call phones are not phones.  They are mini computers that people carry around in their pockets.  Well, okay, they actually carry them around in their hands.  And they never put them down, no matter what else they might be doing.  Like the person at the ATM.  Trying to do something, I think it was a deposit.  But this person would not put that phone down.  And was constantly making mistakes on the machine.  And then had to start over.  It was enough to make a person jump up and down, bang their head on the wall, roll on the floor and, and…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! It’s okay.  I’m fine.  I’m calm.  But it can be frustrating.  Same thing happened at the store.  A lady trying to pay for her groceries with her credit card.  But she would not put down her phone.  And she kept putting in the wrong pin number.  She finally had to use a different card.  Still didn’t put down the phone.  Not sure how she managed to keep texting through all this.  Though she did make mistakes there too, at least twice!  It was enough to make a person jump up and down, bang their head on the counter (no wall close by), kick the cart and, and…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!  It’s okay.  I’m fine.  I’m calm.  Sigh.  My phone isn’t like that.  It’s just an old fashioned phone.  It’s used for talking.  That’s it.  I think I got sidetracked.  Hmm.  Oh, right.  I got one of those telemarketer type calls the other evening.  This nice lady said ‘hi’ and then proceeded to talk about some survey she was doing.   Finally after about 5 minutes she actually stopped to take a breath so I was able to say something.  I thanked her for talking with me for the past 5 minutes and politely told her I wasn’t interested in taking part in her survey which was interrupting my very not so busy schedule and said ‘goodbye’ and hung up.  She seemed to be speechless.  Sigh.  They always like to call when I’m not busy doing something else and they think I should give up this valuable time to take part in some survey which I am not even interested in doing when instead they should offer me $100 for participating in the survey and then I might take time out from my not very busy schedule to participate in their survey which I am not at all interested in doing but for $100 I just might be willing to do it and I think that would be fair since the person on the other end of the phone is getting paid so I think it is only right for me to get paid as well and it needs to be a sensible amount like I just quoted so it would make up for the fact of giving up my time that I wasn’t doing anything with anyway and that way it would be profitable for me to do so even if I am not interested in the survey that they are doing which usually has nothing to do with me anyway since it usually has to do with odd things like what TV programs I watch which is easy because the answer would be none or which radio programs I listen to and I say something like, ‘you mean they still have radio?  Wow, I haven’t even owned a radio for years’, and an answer like that can leave them speechless as well, I know, I have done it.  Sigh.  It’s winter.  It’s cold. It’s snowy.  Sigh.  Time to stay indoors for the next 5 or 6 months.  That’s it for today.  Sigh. It’s been one of those weeks.  Speaking of weeks, enjoy the remainder of yours, God bless!

Steve. And Muffin.  Wrapped in a blanket and drinking COFFEE!

One Comment on “It’s an early winter. Sigh.

  1. Went to Wpg…no snow…coming home and as we entered Selkirk there was a BLIZZARD !…whiteout ! People were shovelling on our street ! WOW !…we were mentioned on the TV news…your pics looked very familiar ! It definitely is WINTER !


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