This and That and Critters Too!

Ah, here it is, a beautiful sunny day, and I am sitting overlooking a calm, small lake reflecting the deep blue of the sky.  There is a robin singing in the distance, a loon is calling across the lake, a small fish jumps making tiny ripples only slightly distorting the mirrored image of the pines in the lake, a squirrel is rustling through the dry leaves in search of pine cones that he recently cut down from a tall pine, one of those cones just narrowly missed my head, a small sandpiper has landed on the shore and is running about looking for insects.  Such a wonderful scene, and it is very real, though not today unfortunately.  Today it is cloudy, cool, damp, a bit of freezing rain mixed with flurries.  It is still winter.  And will be for several more months.  Sigh.  We actually lost a bit of snow yesterday when we had some slightly above freezing temps, but there is still a lot on the ground.  On the plus side, the deer are coming around regularly again.  There is mama, Junior, and Major.  Junior and Major have grown.  But all are still nice and friendly and will come up to me when I call them.  I am going to try and get a pic of me and Major together, but it is kind of tricky.  Sigh.  They all get a bit nervous when I bring out the camera, even though it is tiny.  Not sure why it bothers them.  Oh well, one of these days.  Very icy these days, treacherous walking around.  At least for someone like me.  My balance isn’t very good anymore.  So walking on ice is not the easiest thing to do.  Found that out again yesterday.  Hurt my back, hip, elbow and my eye. My eye because my face landed on my hand.  Sigh.  Most people are looking forward to Christmas.  I’m looking forward to spring.  Sigh.  It’s been one of those weeks, which actually started a week and a half ago.  Sometimes weeks can be quite long.  Sometimes weeks can really stretch into weeks.  Sigh.  I think CABIN FEVER  is going to hit early this winter.  I can already feel it a bit and winter has just begun.  Fun.  Speaking of people.  I’m going to have to start recording what I say.  Because I seem to always get the opposite answer to questions I ask.  So I want to make sure I am actually asking what I ask so I will know I am asking what I ask correctly so I can make sure I ask what I want to ask so I know if I am getting the right answer to what I ask otherwise I will have to stop asking what I ask so I will know what I didn’t ask and then I will know if the answer is correct for what I actually asked and didn’t ask.  Sigh.  If all that made sense then you are in worse shape than me.  Sometimes I think my brain is so mixed up that it will never be the same again.  Of course, maybe it has always been this way and I never knew it until now.  Can’t be.  Otherwise how would I know that it’s the way it is if it has always been the way it is and that it hasn’t changed the way it is so that the way it is, is the way it was which makes it the way it is.  Or isn’t.  Whichever.  Sigh.  I guarantee that I am mixed up now.  Oh well, sometimes that makes things easier.  I think.  Though not often.  Gives me headaches.  Sigh.  Have been trying to do my fall cleaning.  Yes, I know it is winter, but winter came early so I didn’t get my fall cleaning done.  So now I must do my fall cleaning in the winter which really is still fall anyway.  At least according to the calendar.  But who cares what it says on the calendar.  Just look out the window.  There is snow on the ground.  It is cold.  It is winter.  However, I am doing my fall cleaning.  Quit trying to get me off topic.  Muffin does not enjoy winter either.  She really does not enjoy winter.  She wants the door open.  But it’s too cold.  It’s all frosted so she can’t see out that window anyway.  So she has to look out the living room window.  She doesn’t like that as much.  Except maybe at night.  That’s when the raccoons come around.  And they climb onto the bird feeder.  Which is right outside the window.  At least one is anyway.  Then Muffin gets all fluffed out, big tail, hisses, spits, growls and claws at the window.  That scares the raccoons away.  Even though they are much bigger than Muffin.  It could be the fact that she jumps at the window that scares them.  Whatever, it works, and they leave.  But they still come back every night.  And the same thing happens.  Speaking of birds, the rock doves are looking for lunch.  Be right back.  It is quite neat to see all those heads peeking over the edge of the roof as soon as I go out with the food. The feeders are now full to overflowing with doves.  They will even sit on top of one another when there is no room left to actually sit on the feeder, then they just stretch their head down to get at the food.  And the bird on the bottom doesn’t seem to mind at all.  One day there was 20 on the feeder plus 8 on the backs of others.  There are actually more than 60 rock doves that come for food each day.  There are 2 other places that they go also, that I know of anyway.  Good thing, it would take a lot of food for that many doves, they are quite big.  Some of them are getting quite friendly and will eat from my hand.  Unfortunately it is too cold to stand out there too long, otherwise I am sure that many more would be trying it as well.  See?  You got me off topic again.  Now it will have to wait until next week.  Sigh.  I hope you all enjoy your week, God bless!

Steve. And Muffin. And deer. And doves. And other critters.

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