Is it Country? Or is it Winter?

Good morning everyone on this beautiful, sunny and somewhat mild morning as we close in on the end of the month of November.  Okay.  It’s not exactly sunny.  Most would call it cloudy.  But it is sunny above the clouds and I imagine it is quite brilliant and bright in that sun.  We just can’t see it at the moment.  But it’s still there.  Sometimes we need to look past the clouds in life and realize the sun is still shining brightly.  And yes, it is not exactly mild either.  Actually it is cold.  But not as cold as it could be therefore making it somewhat mild in comparison.  Just depends on how we look at things sometimes.  And even though it is cloudy and cold, a day can still be beautiful, especially when I am inside with a nice cup of hot COFFEE!  And, of course, wrapped in a warm blanket with Muffin curled up on my lap purring.  An absolutely beautiful morning.   Just depends on how we look at things.  Wheehee!  Speaking of phones.  They are a good way to make a day not quite so beautiful.  Such as lately.  I have been getting many, numerous, annoying phone calls from various telemarketers either trying to sell something or wanting info for some survey which is going to end up asking for money undoubtedly and then the latest one was a call supposedly from the CRA saying this was the second call and in reality it was the first call and it wasn’t even a real person calling it was some machine talking and I do not talk to machines when they call me so ‘Go AWAY’ and I hung up.  Sigh.  What a way to start the day.  Always happens when Christmas is getting close.  It is winter.  There is snow.  And ice.  And snow.  And cold.  And more ice.  And more snow.  And more phone calls.  Even while I write.  Sigh.  The rock doves are hungry this morning, all 60+ of them.  When I go out with the food there is a sudden flurry of wings and feathers all around me as they land on the feeders waiting for me to put the food out.  One of these days they will likely start landing on me.  They certainly seem to get quite excited.  And they will talk to me as well.  I know what you are thinking.  That’s not nice.  Sigh.  I have named a few that I can identify.  Like Ruffles, and Freckles, Albert and Snowball, and Stretch.  The other day they were piled three high on the feeder.  It was hard to believe.  One landed on top of another, which is not unusual, that feeder gets crowded, but then another landed on that one, and tried to bend over to get at the seeds.  Didn’t work too well and he fell off, landing on a couple of others where he stayed and managed to reach the seeds from there.  None of this bothered the ones on the bottom, they just kept on eating.  That’s the main thing with those birds.  Eat as fast as possible to get as much as possible.  Quite amazing to watch them really.  Speaking of shopping.  Stores are getting a bit busier.  Which makes shopping a bit more challenging.  At least for me.  I’m trying to reach something on the top shelf, which of course, I can’t reach so I use my cane which comes in quite handy at certain times like that, but while I am stretched someone comes around the corner of the aisle and rams my cart which in turn rams my side almost knocking me off my feet and the item I was after falls but manages to land in my cart.  So it worked out not too bad except my back is now more sore than before. And, the person who did this just kept on going like nothing happened.  Sigh.  Then going to the checkout, I was almost there in line and a lady came racing past me and got ahead of me. If I hadn’t stopped I would have hit her.  It was tempting.  Sigh.  Speaking of bird seed.  I got a cup ready to take out then put my boots on and grabbed the cup…only I missed slightly and knocked the cup over.  All over.  It is amazing how far those little round seeds can roll.  All over.  It took me a long time to get them all cleaned up.  I am sure there is still a lot under the bed.  I will have to use the vacuum for those.  Wasting all those seeds.  Sigh. People say the name of my site is wrong since I don’t talk about ‘country’ things.  Actually I do.  Just not all the time.  After all, I live in town, which is technically called a city, though it is a rather small city, so it’s more like a town that’s called a city but it reality it’s a town.  Or something.  So, because I live in town, I can’t always talk about the country.  Though I suppose I could talk about ‘country’ things more often.  Hmm, changes are coming, probably in the new year.  But the same will be here too.  Or something.  I think it might be time to stop.  Mainly because my arm is trying to stop.  Oh well.  It’s winter.  Try to enjoy your week anyway and God bless!


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