It’s Winter and It’s cold. Plus, insulatoring! And Other Things.

Well, here it is. Another New Year. Doesn’t seem any different. It’s still cold. Very cold. Feels like winter. Hard to believe that there has been snow on the ground now for over 2 months. And it’s just the beginning of January. There is still a lot of winter left. Too much. I think my cabin fever has returned early again this year. Actually, I think it started about a month ago. But it’s getting really bad now. That fever is climbing, and about to burst. And there is 3 months of winter left. That’s right. It’s left. Sometimes left can be right. But can right ever be left? Actually here in this town sometimes to turn left you have to turn right so in that case right is left but that’s a different story since I am just talking about right being left but of course if right is the only choice then it could be said that right is the only one left. So then right can be left just as left can be right but if I’m right does that also mean I am left? But how can I be left if I am right when I am not left at all so does that mean I can’t be right if I am not left if I am left when I am right or am I right when I am not left and left when I am not right or maybe I am only right when I am not left or should I say I am only left when I am not right or should I stop before I get even more confused than I already am confused because I certainly am confused about not being right when I am left or was that left when I am right or… it’s enough to make a person jump up and down, pull their hair, bang their head on the wall, roll on the floor (what do you expect after banging your head on the wall), and, and…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s okay. I’m fine. I’m calm. I think. Sometimes anyway. I know I think sometimes because it gives me a headache. It’s proof that I actually think. I think. Told you my cabin fever was bad. That wind was sure getting cold out there on that frozen pond as I tried retrieving more of those crossarms from their frozen prison. And it wasn’t easy. And dad just sat over on the shore in safety and behind a small stand of spruce so he didn’t even feel the wind. Sad. Making me do all the dangerous stuff. Finally he called to me to come over to where he was sitting. You stay here for a while and I will get those crossarms, said dad. Let me help you, said I. You can help by staying here, said dad, it will be safer for both of us. Not sure what he meant by that. He seemed to be walking rather slowly. It’s good thick ice, I called out to him. He turned around and shouted, what did you say? The ice is good and thick, I called back. Dad looked around, I don’t see a stick, he said. That’s right, said I, just keep going. Dad looked down at his feet. They’re fine, he called back. I don’t know the time, I didn’t bring my watch, said I. Good, just keep watching from over there, he said. Off he continued and arrived at the crossarms. Oh, he forgot to take the axe with him, better take it out there, he might need it. Dad was pushing on the crossarms as I arrived with the axe. You forgot the axe, I yelled. AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! said dad and he fell quickly to the ice and there was a very loud CRACK! It broke, I said. Dad got to his feet amazingly fast. Why did you yell, asked dad. Because you were not able to hear me very well, said I. BONEHEAD, you are only 6 feet away now, he said. Minor detail, said I. At least the water isn’t coming up this time, said dad. Toss me the axe, he said. Well, that is what he said, toss. So I did. The look on dad’s face was priceless again. I didn’t throw it high or hard, just tossed it and if dad hadn’t jumped it would have missed him completely. But, he jumped, right into the path of the axe, which then connected with his leg. Just below the knee. Dad started his little pain dance again, groaning rather loudly. Then he leaned on one of the crossarms that was sticking out of the ice. Which then broke free since the ice had cracked substantially when dad fell and dad yelled again and down he went again and hit his head on one of the insulators, which caused him to groan some more while holding his head. But at least his glasses didn’t fall off this time. Quite amazing really, he is always dropping his glasses when he hits his head. I helped dad get up. Sure is a good thing I am around when you hurt yourself, said I. Just think what might happen if I wasn’t here, I continued. Nothing, said dad. Not sure what he meant by that. I’m also not sure why he ever wanted to go insulatoring on such a cold winter’s day. And it sure is cold. Very cold. And it’s supposed to get even colder. It’s winter. And winter is cold. And that’s what it is right now. It’s also dark. And Muffin is snuggled nice and warm in her chair. Yes, she has her own chair. Good thing I don’t spoil her though. My new computer is working nicely. Such a difference. Decided to clean the frost off my door yesterday, it was an inch thick in places. Outside of the door, not inside, though there is some on the inside too, but only along the bottom of the door. It’s winter. And it’s cold. Hmm, must close my drapes before that little drone comes by again. Out there nearly every night now, and it comes quite close to the windows. Which I don’t like. Someone must have gotten it for Christmas. It started coming around just after that. Hmm, this is getting too long again, I’m trying to keep my ‘musings’ shorter. Kind of hard sometimes. Maybe I will have some changes by next week. Try to stay warm this week, and God bless!

Steve, and Muffin.

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