It’s Still Cold. Things That Happen. And Muffin.

Here it is another week, almost at the end of another week, and almost the end of the second week of January. Terrible thought. And it’s still cold. Very cold. Even colder than before cold. Though we did get a couple days of a break in that cold. But now it’s back, worse than before. But first we got more snow. A foot deep along my pathway. And it was cold shoveling that snow. Which I am not supposed to be doing anyway. However, it’s not going to disappear on it’s own. Not for a few more months anyway. That is also a terrible thought. Sigh. It is certainly CABIN FEVER time. And I certainly have it. Cabin Fever, that is. Speaking of ceilings. Ever notice there is a lot of waste space up there? Now if there was just an easy way to use that space. Would be great for storage. Would free up a lot of floor space. In here, anyway. Chains and pulleys would likely work good, but I’m not so sure my landlord would like the idea. Sigh. Good ideas that just can’t work. Such a shame. Speaking of phones. Not those things that people carry in their hands 24 hours a day, I mean phones, real phones. Ones that actually stay in place. Well, most of the time anyway. Though I do keep dropping mine quite frequently. But that doesn’t count. However, back to phones. I am sitting here for hours, the phone does not ring. I am making my lunch, and the phone rings. Turn to answer the phone. Knock lunch onto the floor. I stand there looking at lunch on the floor. Phone keeps ringing. Answer phone, or pick up lunch. Phone keeps ringing. What a mess. My lunch, not the phone. Phone stops ringing. Thanks. Ruined my lunch. All afternoon the phone does not ring. I am making supper. Phone rings. Twice in one day. I turn to answer phone. Big mistake. But I take care not to drop supper. Instead bump into cabinet which causes me to move arms which causes one arm to land on supper which causes supper to land on floor which causes Steve to jump up and down, pull hair, bang head on counter and, and…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s okay. I’m fine. I’m calm. Phone stops ringing. Feel like burying phone in very deep snow out in the very frozen and very cold outdoors. But refrain from doing so. This time. Speaking of COFFEE! I like to keep mine in a glass jar on the counter. So I pour it from the plastic container into the jar. And always end up spilling some. So this time I have a better idea. I decided to use a soup ladle to scoop the COFFEE into the jar. Worked perfectly without spilling. Almost. The last scoop of COFFEE and the ladle hit the side of the jar. Spilled the whole ladle of COFFEE. Scattered all over the counter, the floor, and me. This was worse than if I had poured it into the jar like I normally do. Sigh. Same day, I took the lid off the margarine container and for some unknown reason it decided to flip into the air and I tried to catch it getting margarine on my hand, putting my elbow into the margarine container and the lid landed on my foot getting margarine on my sock. Surely I’m not the only one that has these things happen. IT CAN’T BE!! Sigh. Speaking of socks. Due to all the new snow it inevitably tracks inside and gets deposited on the mat by the door. Now, I have to walk across this mat to get to my bedroom. And I stepped on some snow with both feet, so that both feet were now wet. Naturally. I don’t like wet socks. So I change them. I walk back into the living room and step on more snow, which has now melted, with both feet, which are now wet again. Sigh. On another day, Muffin has her water dish in the bedroom. She likes it there. Fine with me. I walk past it every day, many times, never come close to touching it. On this day I step right in it. Wet sock. I hate wet socks. Change socks. It wasn’t ten minutes later after giving Muffin fresh water, that I walked past and this time kicked the water dish which went flying across the bedroom spilling it’s wet contents all over the place and making it impossible for me to not get wet socks once again! It’s enough to make a person jump up and down, pull their hair, bang their head on the wall (and groan extensively from doing so), and, and…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s okay. I’m fine. I’m calm. It’s because it’s so cold. So very cold. That’s why these things happen. Speaking of shopping. Forget it. I don’t want to go there right now. Maybe next time. Muffin will be waking up soon. She isn’t too happy with me for not sharing my soup with her. How was I to know she would like creamy broccoli soup? Especially since it doesn’t have milk in it. I can’t have milk. And about 550 other food items. Sigh. Muffin likes to sleep on the left side of the bed. The right side of the bed is against the wall. It has to be, it’s a very small bedroom. Now if I lie on the right side of the bed, it is rather difficult getting out of bed on the left side. So Muffin and I had a discussion about this the other night. I have the teeth marks to prove it. Muffin is still enjoying the left side of the bed. Might not be so bad if she didn’t want half the bed as well. Sigh. I hope you all enjoy your weekend and God bless! Try to stay warm, drink lots of COFFEE!

Steve and Muffin.

2 Comments on “It’s Still Cold. Things That Happen. And Muffin.

  1. Steve,
    I found a way to solve the wet sock problem. I go barefoot. Yes, even out into the snow to get my mail. never have wet socks that way. However, I am also weird in that I often go outside barefoot and stand in the snow (when we finally get some!) to cool down. The one disadvantage is I find snow a lot more slippery with bare feet than with shoes. I know…my internal thermometer has been broken all of my life.


    • What? Me go barefoot when the temperature is -45F? I know I’m crazy, but not totally! I think. Sigh.


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