It’s International Cabin Fever Day!

Well, here we are. It’s the last Friday of January. And that means, of course, that it’s International Cabin Fever Day!! Wheehee!! And a great big HAPPY CABIN FEVER DAY to all my brave readers!!! Believe me, if you are reading these ‘musings’ each week, then you truly are brave. Or perhaps crazy like me! I know that some of you have actually been with me ever since the very beginning. And that was a long time ago. Amazing. Some of you need to get out more. I hope you have been enjoying your Cabin Fever Day. You know, presents, birthday party (hey, this is CABIN FEVER we are talking about here), paper party hats. Muffin ate hers. Well, she tore it apart with her teeth anyway. She always likes to do that. It’s the lion in her. We played games, like her favorite, Skiffleball. Then we chased each other around the apartment. That doesn’t take long, this place is quite small. But it does have it’s cozy feel. Which I like. The chase was going well until I tripped over the stool in the bedroom and ended up smashing against a cabinet, then bumping into the bed, then landing in Muffin’s water dish. So much for that water dish. She now has a new one. Hopefully I wasn’t the one that put that dent in the washing machine. Who puts a washing machine in a bedroom anyway. Should be in the bathroom. Okay, the bathroom isn’t big enough. But a minor change would have fixed that little problem. Even the birds got a treat today. You should have seen them. Bouncing around out there on the feeder. They seemed to be quite happy. Yes, I know. But it is terribly hard not to feed them when they sit out there all day long, looking in the window with those sad eyes, cooing so softly, looking over at the empty feeder, then looking in the window again. Kind of gets a person. Muffin agrees. She wants me to feed them more. Get them nice and fat. Then invite them in for supper. She can’t fool me. I know why she wants them inside. HA! Like I’m really that stupid. Well, okay, maybe sometimes. Fine, most of the time. Well, sometimes I’m not. Sigh. It’s winter and I’m, I’m…ready to bang my head on the wall, pull my hair (what little I have left), roll on the floor (okay, already did that one today), and, and… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s okay. I’m fine. I’m calm. I think. Sigh. And there is still so much of winter left. I don’t think I’m going to make it this year. Every year it gets worse. Muffin agrees. She used to need a reason to bite my foot. Now, it’s just because it’s there. We just sit here staring at each other, rolling our eyes, sticking our tongues out at each other (yes, she does that), jumping up and down for no reason (well, I have a reason, my foot is sore), then we both lay flat on the floor and don’t move (that is easy for me). Sigh. At least it has been a bit warmer the last few days. But next week, back to the deep cold. Sigh. Then there is Fuzzy, to the left, I hope. Depends if this works. Otherwise there will be no Fuzzy. But I will still be here. I hope.  I see it didn’t work. Sigh. Fuzzy always enjoys coming for a visit. And being petted. And of course getting ‘scritched’ around the ears. All deer like that it seems. She always comes running up to me as soon as I go out (which is only as often as necessary this time of year), her tail wagging, much like a dog. Amazing really. Muffin always likes to say ‘hi’ to the deer also. But she doesn’t get to see them up close anymore since they rarely come up on the deck now. Speaking of sleeping. I’m not. But I was. Sleeping, that is, last night, which is quite normal for me to do, and I woke up just after 1am, I’m just laying there, still not quite fully awake, when suddenly it hits me, something is burning. Now, I don’t know about you, but that is not something I want to smell anytime, much less at 1am. Woke me up fast. Smelled sort of like plastic, or maybe wires, burning. No smoke though, and I couldn’t find where the smell was coming from. Still, I had to stay up for awhile just in case. Good way to end sleeping for the night. Finally decided it must be from outside. So went back to bed. Muffin couldn’t figure out what was going on, I don’t normally get out of bed so quickly. Sigh. Speaking of bed. No, I will save that for another time. It’s time to call it quits for today. The sun has set, just to the right. Hopefully. If it doesn’t I think I might cry. Or scream. But screaming scares Muffin.  Okay, it’s below instead.  This idea obviously isn’t working too well. Sigh. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your CABIN FEVER DAY and your weekend. God bless!

Steve and Muffin. And a bunch of other critters. Wheehee!!

10 extra points if you can guess where that pic is taken, a special gift to the one who answers first!

One Comment on “It’s International Cabin Fever Day!

  1. Nixon Lake ! Am I right ?…Cabin Fever…hmmm…I like being inside…I enjoy the quietness…squirrels and birds are pretty active…

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