Coffee and a Muffin.

HAPPY FAMILY DAY!!!  Thought I should say that before I forget.  Okay, I know that many of my readers don’t have Family Day in their part of the world.  But we have it here.  And in many parts of this country.  Though not all.  Some have a different name for today.  But here it is Family Day.  So I can hardly say anything different.  So what does that have to do with my title?  Nothing.  But that’s not the point.  And, of course, by the time some of you read this it won’t even be Family Day.  So why even say it?  Because today is Family Day.  Be glad it’s not Valentine’s Day.  I think this is the first year I have not given my yearly rant about my most unfavorite day of the year.  Okay, I know that’s not really a word.  In most dictionaries.  But it is in my dictionary.  And what dictionary is that?  Steve’s Dictionary of Weird, Wild and Wacky Words, Whimsical Sayings and Wonderful Phrases.  Unfavorite is in the Wild section.  Just in case you were wondering.  Or not.  It is still winter.  And it is still cold.  Very cold.  We did get one milder day last week.  Then back to cold.  Very cold.  But it is still winter.  For a long time yet.  Seems like it has always been here.  Hard to even remember last summer.  Seems like such a long time ago.  And it is really.  Sigh.  Cold weather is a good time for drinking COFFEE!  No better way to start a cold winter’s day.  And also to end a cold winter’s day.  And all the hours in between.  Wheehee!!  Sigh.  But my favorite cold time beverage is on the way out.  Can you imagine that?  No more COFFEE?!  That is just unthinkable.  Except now.  My doctor asked if I drink a lot of COFFEE.  Define, ‘a lot’, I said.  More than one and a half cups, said my doctor.  That is definitely not a lot, said I.  My doctor said to make it none after finding out how much I drink.  Can you just imagine that?  None.  As in not one cup of COFFEE a day.  Nothing.  Zip.  My doctor must be joking.  But it’s no joke.  Especially to me.  This is serious.  My doctor asks, ‘do you mean you can’t quit?’  I can quit anytime, said I.  Then do it, says my doctor.  I’m no quitter, said I!  My doctor didn’t seem to get it.  Just sort of smiled with those rolling eyes kind of smiles.  Sigh.  How am I supposed to start my day without COFFEE.  Especially during the winter.  Which, by the way, fills half of our year in this part of the country.  With NO COFFEE!?!?!  IMPOSSIBLE!!!  Sigh.  Speaking of winter.  Muffin agrees with me.  It’s no fun.  For my newest readers, Muffin is my cat.  Right here, Muffin enjoying a snooze

enjoying herself in front of the door on a nice, warm summer’s day.  She much prefers this to now.  She definitely does not enjoy just sitting at a closed window and looking at snow.  She wants that door open.  And breathe that nice fresh air.  Which she cannot do right now.  She wants to.  Like today.  She wanted the door open.  It’s too cold, I said.  I had just come in and she stood at the door so I couldn’t close it.  I want it open, she said.  And she stood up to look out the window of the door.  NO, it’s too cold yet.  And it will be too cold for a long time yet, said I.  I won that particular argument.  Sort of.  I do go through a lot of bandages.  However, it’s starting a bit early this year.  Sigh.  CABIN FEVER is hitting both of us.  HARD.  If you have never had Cabin Fever then you have never lived in the north.  Or something.  Sigh.  Speaking of something.  I often wonder how so many things can go wrong in such a short space of time.  I’m not talking big things.  Just little things.  Somewhat annoying things.  Such as, I drop my fan and it breaks.  I kick Muffin’s water dish and it goes flying across the room with water flying in numerous directions soaking everything in it’s path.  Not much water in a little cats water dish you say?  I had just bought her a new dish which holds 2 cups of water.  And when it flies across the room it multiplies to 10 cups of water.  How it does that I do not know.  But it must.  How else can so much get so wet with so little water?  Then I grab a new roll of toilet paper which jumps out of my hand and bounces on the edge of the sink  which naturally has water in it but I manage to catch it just in time before it lands in the sink but it then jumps out of my hand a second time and, and…this time too late and it is wet.  Then I just finish sweeping the floor and I empty the dust pan in the garbage, or should say I attempt to because as I step on the foot lever to open the garbage can it flips open fast and the catches the dust pan just slightly on the edge causing ALL of the contents to go flying in the air and back onto the floor.  At this point I pull my hair, do a little one-legged happy dance and laugh hysterically while spinning in a circle.  Sigh.  Poor Muffin.  She has to put up with a lot sometimes.  She just looks, shakes her little head and goes back to bed.  And dreams about summer.  I go back to bed too.  And dream about Hawaii.  Sigh.

This is the place for me!

I hope you all enjoy your week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

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