Cabin Fever Continues! For Both Muffin and I. Sigh.

Here I sit.  Inside.  Although it has gotten milder outside winter is still with us.  Therefore sitting outside is not really high on my list of enjoyable activities.  Of course, neither is winter for that matter.  Some people say that winter is a beautiful time of the year.  Snow on the trees, big snowflakes drifting lazily to the ground, the silence, while all the time viewing this scene from indoors since it is usually -30F, or even colder, as the house very loudly cracks, thumps, bangs and all sorts of other noises that can make it hard to sleep since it sounds like the house is about to fall apart and somehow that scene just does not make me think of beautiful but rather something that is more like bone-chilling, nose freezing, ear crackling and fingers falling off kind of a scene and that really does not sit high on my list of enjoyable things or beautiful scenes, or something I just really look forward to every year and speaking of looking forward to winter every year I notice that most of the people who say they really enjoy winter also tend to fly away to some warm spot elsewhere on this planet to get away from all this beauty that they talk about and they often mention how they would like to spend the whole winter in that warm location which is more of my idea of something enjoyable which is why I sit here amidst all this cold bone cracking winter and dream of my favorite place which happens to be Hawaii in case you haven’t guessed that by now if you happen to be a regular reader of these ‘Musings’ and if you are not then I will say it now that Hawaii is definitely my favorite warm place and I just can’t imagine why people want to go anywhere else because really it is impossible to beat the beauty of Hawaii which is why I have a nice picture of Hawaii at the top of my page now in case you haven’t already noticed and another picture hereKauai by Candace

which I decided to leave large size since it is just such a magnificent photo and Hawaii has amazing and varied scenery which I had not even imagined before and in case you are wondering I have never been to Hawaii at any time but it is definitely a place I would like to visit especially during one of our long cold winters and just enjoy the warmth and tropical beauty of those islands and see first hand all that amazing scenery like this spotHawaii beach by Candace

and really now surely you would agree that being at this location would be far more enjoyable than spending 20 minutes getting dressed to go outside in -40F and get in a car that is just as cold even though it has been running for half an hour with the heater going full and then when you actually get the thing in motion it barely wants to move and you hit a patch of ice on the street which sends you uncontrollably into the snow piled beside the street which the grader plowed into position the week before and it is now as hard as a rock so it rips the fender off the car as it makes its way to the top of this wall of snow where it sits at a weird angle making it almost impossible to get out of the car and that is where it stays while you try to get your phone from your pocket with those heavy gloves on and you finally realize you must remove your gloves which then gives you immediate frostbite and your fingers are so stiff it takes you ten minutes to call for help and by that time your ears are so red with cold it takes 3 days for them to return to their normal color and, and…sigh.  Oh well.  It is what it is.  By the way, if weather can be inclement, can it be clement?  Speaking of technology.  Almost as bad as winter.  Anyway, I was on my computer and sorting out my pictures, something that I do periodically, and I was putting some in a new folder.  At the end of it all I looked in the new folder only to find that it was empty.  My pictures had disappeared.  Completely.  Totally.  Gone and nowhere to be found.  Tried everything.  Nothing.  I must admit I found this to be somewhat annoying.  Not to mention all the time I was wasting trying to find something that wasn’t there that was there and then wasn’t there even though it should be there but it wasn’t there and it was enough to make a person jump up and down, pull my hair, bang my head against the wall, roll on the floor moaning and, and, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s okay.  I’m fine.  I’m calm.  It’s that CABIN FEVER thing again.  And Muffin is feeling it still too.  I know.  Or at least my feet know.  Sigh.  She wants that door open.  She won today.  For a little while. And there were 2 squirrels out there chasing each other around the deck and in the trees, so Muffin enjoyed herself for a while.  Then I had to close the door.  That wasn’t pretty.  But I should be okay by next week.  Sigh.  I hope you all enjoy the remainder of your week, and God bless!

Steve.  And Muffin.

One Comment on “Cabin Fever Continues! For Both Muffin and I. Sigh.

  1. I am one of those people who prefers winter over summer…altho’ it is a pain to have to wear layered clothing…after the earthquake in PNG Kelly said that the prairies are looking pretty good to her, even the winters ! I agree !


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