Perhaps Spring Is Not Too Far Away. Right.

Good morning to all my faithful readers no matter what time of day it is when you read this since for me, as you know, it is always morning since I am a morning person because, to me at least, morning is definitely the best time of the day and really what could be nicer than watching the sun rise as it shoots it’s bright beams of light over the hills and touching the tree tops turning them a beautiful golden amber which of course would be a bit different once the leaves come out and then a sunrise is absolutely stunningly magnificent and very nice as well and yet very few people even notice such a thing as they grumble about the sun rising too early and they would rather sleep through it all and enjoy a sunset instead and I will admit a sunset can also be rather stunning but it always signals and end whereas a sunrise always signals a beginning which gives me energy and drive to desire to get things accomplished and, and…sigh.  Okay, it used to do that.  Now my drive is just trying to get out of bed.  Sigh.  And I am not even OLD!!  Though I do feel like it at times.  Speaking of phones.  Do you ever get those irritating type telemarketer calls?  I certainly do.  Sometimes it’s enough to make me want to throw my phone right out the door.  I would throw it out the window but they are still frozen shut and will likely be that way for quite some time yet.  You’re getting me off subject again.  Not nice.  Anyway, a good way of dealing with these calls is to say, half way through their delightfully boring speech is to interrupt and say, ‘what causes a hiccup?’ The other evening one of them called me about some TV survey.  I said I don’t watch TV. There was a brief silence and he started to fumble around and finally asked what cable company I had and I said, I don’t have cable since I don’t watch TV.  He said, oh.  That ended the call.  Amazing how that really mixes people up by saying that.  Did that once before too and that poor guy didn’t know what to say next.  But that is the truth, I don’t watch TV.  Just not interested.  Sigh.  I am still on vacation.  In Hawaii.  Still don’t know why anyone would want to go anywhere else.  It is just the most beautiful place.banyan-tree-1049021

Just look at those amazing Banyan trees above.  Walking under those trees enjoying the cool shade during the heat of the day, listening to the birds singing overhead.  Sigh.  Instead we have thisIMG_1696

just a frozen wasteland.  Just cold, ice, cold, snow, cold.  And more cold.  Sigh.  But spring is almost here.  Right.  Even though it has gotten milder, it is still winter, and after a few days when the temp finally got above the freezing point, now it is back to freezing and everything is frozen.  And icy.  Which means dangerously slippery.  Don’t even want to go out when it is like this, however, being in a place like this makes one want to go out.hawaii-1613011_1920

Now doesn’t this look a lot nicer than the other?  If you don’t agree, you’re welcome to move here and enjoy all this cold, ice and snow all you want.  Me?  I will take the palm trees and warm weather any day!!  Sigh.  But here I sit.  On my vacation.  Without going anywhere.  Enjoying these fantastic photos, all but one, compliments of Candace, and trying not to look out the windows.  Speaking of shopping.  I needed to pick up a few things.  Muffin was hungry.  And I wanted to keep my feet in one piece.  Each of them.  Or is that both of them?  Good thing I bought a large box of band aids last time I went shopping.  Also bought a larger size.  That way I don’t have to use so many.  I’m in the aisle where the cat food is located and this lady comes along also looking for cat food and she wants to pass me which is okay since there is plenty of room to do so and she says, ‘you don’t need to move, lots of space’, which is something I already knew and yet, whump!  She still managed to run into me almost knocking me into my cart which smashed into the shelves which knocked cans of cat food scattering onto the floor and left me wondering what happened and the lady was gone as quickly as she came leaving all those cans of cat food on the floor for someone to step on and go flying through the air landing splat on their back and maybe denting the can of cat food.  Oh well.  Off I went before someone saw me there and thought I had made the mess.  Muffin appreciated the effort to get her some food.  I think.  I will say she did anyway.  Sounds better that way.  Ahh, that nice warm sunshine and gentle breeze through the palms.  I will let you know when I get back.  Or if I do.  Wheehee!  Hope you all enjoy your week, warm or cold, especially all those poor people to the west that got all that snow yesterday!  God bless,

Steve and Muffin.

Today’s deep philosophical thought, ‘sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn.’

One Comment on “Perhaps Spring Is Not Too Far Away. Right.

  1. Last Fall I was finding stink bugs in the house until I decided to display them on window shelf trapped under insulators. I had quite the lineup last Fall – some even had roommates. I put a label as to when I trapped them. One bug went for two whole months (!!) under an insulator before going belly up! But they have been gone since December (thankfully) with no new exhibits created.

    And now since we warmed up the other day, guess what I caught in the house again? Two of them in the last two days! You can gave the heat! Thankfully we are supposed to get about 4 inches of snow tonight (fingers crossed), which hopefully will kill off this first-hatched group of stink bugs, boxelders, and those pesky gnats I was surrounded by the other day that were trying their very best to commit suicide by having me inhale them.

    Heat and bugs go together down here – no thanks. I know what your black flies and mosquitoes are like that far North in the summer also. Again, no thanks.

    But enjoy dreaming of Hawaii!


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