Some of This. Some of That.

Good morning one and all on this very sunny and somewhat mild Wednesday closing in on the middle of March which of course means that spring is almost here according to the calendar anyway but that does not necessarily mean very much in this part of Canada and so spring really starts when the snow begins its melting in earnest and not just a bit now and then like it is doing these days where it melts a bit where the sun hits directly enough and then the shade returns and that little bit of melting returns to freezing and the water that was generated now returns to ice which naturally builds up continuously overnight as the water under the snow keeps on flowing being insulated from the cold by the cold snow until it comes in contact with my walkway and each morning there is an additional 2 inches (or 5 cm for those who prefer the archaic method of measurement) of ice for me to slip, swip, clip, and trip on in a multitude of new ways sending my legs higher than my head and my arms waving in the most frantic way giving all kinds of confusing messages to the many animal friends that frequent my yard space, like mama below,IMG_1728 which isn’t really mine since it belongs to my landlord but it is at least the yard space that I use and at times like these wish I didn’t which is why my header photo is still from Hawaii which is where I should be right now and would certainly like to be right now but if I was I probably wouldn’t want to come back here anymore and if it was possible I would stay there because really who in their right mind would want to come back to this land of cold and snow and ice and headaches from slipping on the ice and it’s enough to make a person want to jump up and down, bang their head against the wall, fall to floor, pulling their hair on the way to the floor and, and… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s okay.  I’m fine.  I’m calm.  I’m normal.  Really.  Even if it doesn’t always look like it.  Sigh.  The other day I was doing some cleaning.  Happens now and then.  I stood up after picking something off the floor. Whacked my back against one of my cabinets.  That made me kick a stool.  Which made me bend over hitting my head on a shelf unit.  And aside from the oh, ah, AA, I dropped the item I had originally picked up.  Sigh.  Hard to believe sometimes.  Also, I needed to vacuum the place.  First I needed to empty the container on the vacuum.  Didn’t want to come off.  I struggled and struggled.  Nothing.  Finally one last desperate attempt.  It came flying off and covered me and surrounding floor with the total contents of dust, cat hair and assorted whatever.  Sigh.  I think there was still a cloud of dust floating around the apartment the following day.  Unless it was foggy.  I wanted to make myself I little sweet treat, nice to have once in a while.  It required a cup of brown sugar.  No problem, had a new bag.  Cut an opening and proceeded to pour it into the measuring cup.  Nothing.  Sugar never budged.  Hmm, the opening is plenty large enough, I thought.  So I squeezed the bag.  Whomp!  Brown sugar everywhere.  On the counter.  In the sink. On the floor.  In my slippers.  Except in the measuring cup.  Not a grain of sugar there.  Sigh. Bought a new bag of brown sugar.  Speaking of shopping.  While out shopping the other day I needed to pick up cat food for Muffin.  She likes it.  And really, it isn’t bad on a sandwich, though now that I am on this crazy gluten free, which basically is almost food free, I am no longer able to borrow her food.  Oh well.  Anyway, back at the store, I head to the pet section and when I arrive I notice there was a new stack of cat litter.  Right, said I, need to get some of that.  Which I did.  And promptly left.  Returning home Muffin greets me as usual, and I remember.  Not cat litter, cat FOOD.  Muffin was not amused.  Just sat there swishing her tail back and forth and looking at my feet.IMG_0718  So I kept my shoes on.  My feet were quite grateful.  Speaking of feet.  Went to get something from my closet and there is a board standing up next to it, which I promptly knocked over, which I tried to stop, and hit my head on my dresser as I bent over, which caused me to miss the board and it hit my foot.  Sigh.  Yes.  These things really do happen to me.  This is a very small apartment.  So it is easy to bump things, kick things, walk into things, trip over things, and hit my head on things.  Of course, I used to do these things when I lived in a larger apartment too.  Sigh.  Guess I better stop.  There is more, but for another time.  Enjoy the rest of your week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

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