Sometimes I Just Can’t Believe It. Really.

Well, here it is.  Finally.  The last day of winter.  Tomorrow it is SPRING!  Amazing.  Made it once again.  Mind you, that is only what the calendar says.  It is still cool.  Too cool.  And there is still a lot of snow on the ground.  But that’s a minor point.  Sort of.  Oh, and lots of ice around too.  Right from my deck, all the way to my mailbox, which is a distance of about 75 feet, it is just ice.  Very lumpy hard to walk on kind of ice.  Even smothering it with sand it is still scary walking on it.  Sigh.  Hawaii still looks nice to me. No, I did not actually go to Hawaii.  I certainly would like to.  But I undoubtedly would not want to leave and come back to this.  Sigh.  I think Muffin would enjoy Hawaii as well.  However, I do not think she would like the trip.  But then, she does kind of like cooler temps.  Strange cat.  But these days she is enjoying the fact that her sunshine has returned to her favorite sleeping spots.  That is also hard to understand.  She likes cooler temps and loves sleeping in the sun.  Strange cat.  Speaking of Muffin, here she is with a bad hair day.  Wheehee!animal-3181337

Everyone has one of those days.  When everything kind of looks upside down!  Okay.  It isn’t Muffin.  But it could be.  She does have those upside down days.  And that kind of turns my days upside down.  Speaking of…some days are just plain hard to believe.  Even for me.  Sigh.  This is something that just happened this weekend.  I opened a new box of cereal.  And dropped it.  But with fast amazing maneuverability I managed to catch it!  Amazing.  Then I thought, what was the problem?  I had opened the box, but the bag inside wasn’t open yet, so if it had fallen to the floor nothing would have happened anyway.  Oh well.  So then I opened the bag.  And knocked the box off the counter.  But with fast amazing maneuverability I managed to catch it once again!  Yeeha!  Except…I caught the box upside down.  And the contents of my expensive gluten free cereal poured very quickly all over the kitchen floor.  Not in a nice neat pile.  Spread out over an 8 foot area.  So, just pick it up, right?  I will admit, due to circumstances beyond my control, the floor had not been cleaned for a while.  That means much cat hair and dust now mixed in with my very expensive gluten free cereal.  Speaking of cat, Muffin heard the commotion and came running from the other room to see what she could salvage.  Sigh.  She did seem to like that cereal though.  Very strange cat.  The very next day, I had just finished making my supper,food-2320187_1920antony

doesn’t that look delicious?  Okay, that isn’t mine.  My meals don’t look that good.  You don’t want to know what my meals look like.  But I certainly wouldn’t mind one like the one above.  Sigh.  Anyway.  I had just finished making my supper and carried it over to put on the table.  I had just gotten to the table…and my fingers suddenly went weak, as they sometimes do, and my supper did a gravity check, landing on the floor.  Muffin, hearing the sound of falling food, came running from the bedroom to see what she could salvage.  She thoroughly enjoyed my expensive gluten free ham.  Wish I could say the same.  Sigh.  Good thing I had some of my very dry gluten free bread.  Can’t understand why they can’t make it a bit more moist, like real bread.  Sigh.  How do these things happen?  So I went back to the kitchen to get some paper towels to clean up the mess, though I had to wait for Muffin to finish.  I picked up the paper towels and as I straightened up, WHAM!  Forgot I had left the cupboard door open.  I must have looked quite the sight as I moved my head from side to side, flapping my arms in strange movements that could never be described, my hair going in a multitude of directions (what little there is), and all accompanied by a series of mysterious groans and moans so that even Muffin had to come and investigate.  I don’t think I moved from that spot for 20 minutes.  By that time I was on the floor trying to figure out what happened.  Finally I struggled to get up and head to bed to lie down for a while.  Seemed like the most logical thing to do.  But then, I am not really the most logical person around.  So I seldom do things that are logical.  And when I do, it is quite by accident.  Sigh.  Speaking of insulators.  We are getting to that time of year again when dad and I used to start thinking of those shining pieces of glass.  Well, dad did anyway.  Things like this, IMG_1742

which we used to find quite frequently, though most were accidently left behind one time when I moved.  Sigh.  Well, it’s that time again, enjoy your week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

One Comment on “Sometimes I Just Can’t Believe It. Really.

  1. The pic of the cat gave me quite the chuckle ! …I understand the cereal event as it has happened to me…the bag that holds the cereal is so hard to open as well…do no forget to write another episode of the insulators !


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