Spring is Here! I Think.

Good morning everyone and yes indeed, I am back once again since my last ‘musings’ on Monday was the last one of the winter and this is spring, at least technically speaking, and I just couldn’t wait until next week to write my first ‘musings’ of spring since spring always gets me excited even though it really doesn’t quite look like spring outside thought the snow has been melting and there is bare ground showing in some sunny locations which does not include outside my place where the snow is still quite deep and white and frozen but on my deck which faces south with the sun shining brilliantly against the wall it actually felt somewhat spring like this afternoon so I braved the weather and spent some time out there and nearly froze even though I was still dressed for winter but the wind was blowing across the deck which seemed to blow away any warmth generated by the sun and to be quite honest it felt warmer out there the other day when it was still winter than it did today when it is spring but because it is spring I just needed to spend some time outside and now I wish I had stayed indoors and enjoyed the outside from inside and then I would have been able to stay warm at least and I could have joined Muffin laying in the sun where she undoubtedlyIMG_1775  was staying very warm (this time it is Muffin, it is very hard to catch her in her cute kitty poses) and she certainly felt warm and I could tell that she didn’t exactly appreciate being awakened by my hand on her back but fortunately I have a good supply of bandages right now so I don’t mind taking chances like that once in a while but I think I’m finally starting to warm up after my foray on the deck and that was only 3 hours ago and I know you are wondering about the timing since I started this by saying good morning and I was outside this afternoon but you should know me by now that it is always good morning for me since morning is by far the best time of day and it’s okay for you to disagree with me and by the way a big ‘hello’ to my new readers this week and you are probably wondering now why you decided to join the group but stick around as it’s not always so bad, sometimes it gets worse.  Sigh.  For those who don’t know, I will be using more photos from now on and most will not be mine, but several people have been kind enough to let me use their photos and that way you will have some very nice pics to view, however, from time to time you will still be subjected to mine, like Muffin above and of course those in my gallery will be mine.  Maybe I should start a gallery of Hawaii pics.  Not a bad idea.  Speaking of Hawaii, I should have stayed their longer.waves-1133982candace(You can just hear those waves crashing onto the shore! Yes, that is from Hawaii.)  Even if I didn’t actually go there.  Maybe I should not actually go back there for a while.  And come back when it’s warmer.  Speaking of food.  If you read my last ‘musings’ you will know what I mean.  Anyway, I didn’t spill my supper today.  Yay!  But when I sat down to eat, I didn’t want to.  Sigh.  So I put it away.  But at least I didn’t spill it.  Muffin was rather disappointed.  She was sitting there waiting.  Sigh.  That ice outside is terrible.  Didn’t slip on it however.  Shouldn’t even have been out on that ice.  But I had to get my mail.  Even if there wasn’t any.  Sigh.  Wish there was a way of knowing without going out there to check for nothing.  Oh well.  I’m looking forward to real spring.  The kind without snow.  Or freezing temps.  Then maybe this CABIN FEVER will leave.  Maybe.  Not that I do much outside anyway.  But I can at least sit on the deck without freezing.  But then there is those huge  spiders.  Sigh.  Never knew spiders could get that big this far north.  Next week, something new.  Maybe.  Here’s a thought, if weather can be inclement, does that mean it can be clement?  Enjoy the remainder of your week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

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