This is Spring? And Other Things.

Good morning to all my faithful readers, brave readers, occasional readers, bored readers and every other kind of readers!  It is spring, we are told.  Looks nice and sunny and warm outside.  Until one opens the door.  Wham!  That cold, frigid, frozen and rather solid feeling air hits immediately.  Not fun.  This time of year it should be nice.  You know, sunny, melting snow kind of weather.  Or even no snow kind of weather.  Not this.  It’s quite amazing even for us.  The snow was melting.  A lot.  Then the north wind blew in and everything changed overnight.  Literally.  What looks like snow out there is actually frozen solid ice.  That looks white.  I mean, it is hard.  When it finally does warm up again, it will take a lot to get that snow/ice to start melting again.  Sigh.  And it’s not supposed to get that warm for another 10 days or so.  Amazing.  Good weather to stay inside and drink COFFEE!  Unfortunately I need to go out in this cold.  I don’t want to.  But it’s just one of those things.  I should be in Hawaii.hawaii-1867850pexels  I know.  I talk about that a lot.  But let’s face facts.  It’s a better place to be right now than here.  I figure it would be smart to leave here in November, go to Hawaii,sunset-683294candace come back in April.  The end of April.  That way a person misses most of the cold weather.  Still have to endure some cool weather.  But at least not the cold stuff.  Normally.  Sigh.  Poor Muffin.  She wants that door open.  And I had it open for her when the warm weather was here.  Now it’s too cold.  For some reason she doesn’t quite understand that.  So we discuss this point each morning.  I actually won this mornings discussion.  And it didn’t even take too many bandages.  Which was good.  Since I am almost out of those things again.  I was laying in bed reading last night.  Muffin was curled up beside me sleeping.  I reached over for my glass of water and nearly dropped it as it passed over Muffin.  Her eyes partially opened.  It was like she was saying, ‘I don’t like being wet, and you wouldn’t enjoy it if I got wet.  It would be difficult for you to sleep.  Get it?’  She can say a lot with those eyes.  Quite amazing  really.  I know what you’re thinking.  I spend too much time alone with Muffin.  Actually, she would like to write her own ‘musings’ some day.  And I just might let her.  Might be quite interesting.  No.  I am not going crazy.  Or insane.  Or whatever.  Speaking of phones.  I have been getting a lot of those telemarketer type phone calls again lately.  One called at exactly 8 am.  I said, ‘ it’s 8 am, go back to bed’.  Another one called me at 9:30 pm.  I was already in bed.  Yes.  I go to be early.  And I don’t enjoy being disturbed.  Anyway, it was some kind of political survey.  I said, ‘go back to bed’.  And hung up.  Felt good.  Another one wanted to do a survey about TV watching.  I said I don’t watch TV.  There was a bit of silence.  This actually happened a couple years ago too.  Anyway, then he asked what cable company I had, or some such thing.  I repeated, I do not watch TV.  He say, oh, and hung up.  That always confuses them.  But I don’t watch TV.  There is nothing I want to watch.  But getting all these annoying calls at weird hours is enough to make me jump up and down, pull my hair, bang my head on the table, roll on the floor kicking my legs in the air and, and…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s okay.  I’m fine.  I’m calm.  Sort of.  Sigh.  I decided to have french fries for supper.  You know.  Real potato home made kind.  Needed to add oil to the deep fryer.  Took the lid off the bottle and the bottle immediately slides so nicely out of my hand and straight onto the floor where it bounces and the oil shoots out of it like a fountain all over the kitchen floor.  And my feet.  Missed my legs though which was very nice.  Poor socks.  Muffin comes running.  She didn’t really like it though.  However.  As I was eating my supper, I had my coleslaw on the table and wasn’t really paying attention to it even though Muffin was on the table also because really, cats don’t eat coleslaw but when I turned to get some for myself there she was with her head stuffed into my coleslaw feasting away.  Surprisingly she ate quite a bit.  So I learned something new.  Guard the coleslaw.  Sigh.  Needless to say, I didn’t bother trying to eat any myself.  Another day.  Another very cold day.  I keep hoping it will warm up so I can start on another insulatoring adventure.insulator color1  Oh well, until next time, enjoy your week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

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