Sir George Has Returned!

Good morning everyone on this still frigid spring (though certainly not spring-like) day in the month of April and actually the second week of April when things should be warm and no snow with grass turning green and crocus’ starting to growcropped-nature-3207425fietzfotos.jpg and maybe even blooming by this time and robins singing early in the morning as the sun begins to show itself above the horizon, eagles soaring overhead,eagle-2035901rjm with the little juncos chirping as they search under trees for their breakfast and, and…sigh.  That is not what is happening.  It is cold.  Still.  There is much snow.  Still.  And that snow is frozen as solid as ice.  Still.  The wind is cold.  Still.  Much of the ice on the lake had disappeared, the water was sparkling in the sun.  It is now frozen again.  Sigh.  Temps are way below normal.  Amazingly below normal.  Terribly below normal.  Cold too.  Sigh.  But it was to be expected.  We had a very early winter, and nine times out of ten that will mean a late spring.  And so it is.  BUT, Sir George returned this afternoon!  That, unfortunately poor, photo at the top of this blog, is Sir George.  He is a Herring gull.  Ring-billed gulls have been around for a while now, but this is the first Herring gull I have seen this spring.  These two gulls are almost twins, but the most notable difference is the size.  Herring gulls are much larger.  And Sir George seems to have grown over winter.  He is one big gull.  He called to me upon arrival so I went out with food for him and he immediately came down to the feeder and finished off that food  rather quickly.  He had been sitting on the roof as was his habit last summer.  Gulls don’t normally come to bird feeders so this is quite a treat.  I have fed gulls many times over the years but last year was the first time ever to have a gull on my bird feeder.  Sir George was a bit nervous with me standing outside but he will soon get used to that again.  And maybe this year I will be able to get a better photo of him.  I hope so.  Speaking of birds, my blue jay is calling, he wants peanuts.  There, he should be happy now.  The hard part sometimes is getting peanuts to the blue jays before the squirrels get to them.  Winter started with one squirrel around.  Now there are 5.  And 3 of them are males who spend most of their time chasing each other while the females come and eat the peanuts.

squirrel again
This is Squirk, my very friendly squirrel.

Poor critters.  It is quite amazing how they can chatter so much while eating a peanut.  Then they jump and roll and run with a peanut in their mouth.  One would think they would get indigestion.  Oh well.  Muffin certainly enjoys watching the squirrels.  Especially when they are fighting and chasing each other.  But right now she is doing something she enjoys even better.  Laying in her patch of sunshine.  I think she would enjoy Hawaii too.  I can just see her lying on that sand soaking up the sun!  Then running up the nearest palm tree to drop coconuts are unwary people walking past.  You don’t think so?  HA!  It’s amazing what she does sometimes.  I am certain she deliberately moves her water dish just so I will step in it.  They other day I had my supper ready, such as it is, and I put my coleslaw on the table.  I turned my back just momentarily and when I looked back there she was eating my coleslaw!  Hard to imagine.  So today I gave her some coleslaw of her own.  She was very happy.  So was I.  The other day I gave Muffin some food, kind of a normal event.  I put her dish on the floor and stood up, forgetting the cupboard door was open.  WHAM!  As I groaned while holding my head and moving around a bit, I managed to step right into Muffins food dish that I had just put on the floor.  This was not the dry food, but canned food variety.  SQUISH!  Rats, gnats and blueberry bats.  What a mess.  Now I had to change socks again.  Unfortunately I also stepped on the floor a couple times making more of a mess.  I was not impressed.  Neither was Muffin.  She just sat there looking at her flattened out food.  So I had to feed her first before dealing with my socks or the mess on the floor.  Why you ask?  Why not make her wait?  Without any protection on my feet?  I’m not that crazy!  Sigh.  The things that happen.  Hmm, the squirrels are fighting over the leftover peanuts again.  And I think it’s time for me to go again.  So I will say good bye again.  Until next time, enjoy your week, hopefully it will be warmer than mine, and God bless!  Oh, in case you are wondering, only Sir George and squirrel photos are mine.  But several others have allowed me to use their photos in my blog.  That way I can have some good photos which makes things look nicer!

Steve and Muffin.

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