It’s Insulatoring Time!

Good morning to everyone who is actually reading this blog and everyone else too since I like to include everyone even if everyone isn’t exactly everyone though everyone always is everyone even when they are not everyone but I will still stay with everyone because that, to me, is everyone that is everyone even when it seems like it never is everyone but that’s just me anyway and maybe to you everyone might mean something else other than everyone and sometimes that is true since it isn’t always everyone and it just depends on what is going on with everyone for everyone to be everyone or not be everyone so I will just leave it as is so I don’t get myself mixed up and that does happen sometimes like I wrote about last week when I became not me for awhile which really felt rather odd so it was nice that they found me again so I could continue being me and that still is enough to make my head spin to think that if my birth certificate is no good than does that really mean I wasn’t born and if I wasn’t born than obviously I can’t be me but if I’m not me than who am I and maybe I don’t really exist and actually some people do find it hard to believe that someone like me could actually exist anyway so for a few minutes I had to agree but nonetheless it was good to get back to reality again even if my reality is hard to believe sometimes and it is even for me!  Sigh.  I just had to have one of those long opening sentences again.  After all, it’s been a while.  And that makes it hard.  Speaking of blankets.  It was sunny today, even though rather cool, and windy, so I decided to hang out a blanket for a while.  Easy enough.  Right.  I shook it a bit over the railing of my deck and a gust of wind grabbed that blanket and blew it in my face.  Haha.  Tried again.  Success this time!  Decided to leave it out there for a bit so spread it on the railing.  Gust of wind grabbed the blanket and whoosh, over my head.  AAAAAA!!!!!  Can’t see!  Almost fell down.  Which is something I find easy to do even without being covered with a blanket.  Sigh.  The blanket ended up on the deck.  On the pile of peanut shells I had just swept up so neatly.  Peanut shells like to stick to the blanket I discovered.  Like glue.  Thus, picking them off one by one.  Sigh.  Easy turned out not to be.  Speaking of birds.  There are a LOT of them around right now.  I have been trying to get some pics of them.  Little birds do not like to sit still. Like this little redpoll below.Redpoll 1  Nor do they like to come close.  When I have my camera in hand.  Please note some new photos in my gallery, more to come.  Anyway.  This morning when I went out, no camera, there was a nice little junco, which I have been trying to get a photo of, come right up to me on the deck.  Right by my feet.  Even looked up at me.  Not scared at all.  He KNEW I had no camera with me.  I don’t know how he knew, but he knew.  Always happens that way.  I am trying to get a pic of one of my chipmunks as well.  Same problem.  They KNOW!  Sigh.  Oops.  This was supposed to be about insulatoring.  Sigh.  Got sidetracked.  Again.  So here goes.  Dad and I got up early, went out, found insulators, came home.  There.  That wasn’t so hard.  Doesn’t work?  Sigh.  But we did get up early and off we went.  It was spring, about this time, sun was shining beautifully, though the forecast did say clouds and light showers for the afternoon.  That’s why we were up so early.  So we could be back home before the showers.  This was a new destination, fairly close to home, but we had never checked it out before.  Strange, but true.  There was a nice road to this spot and there was even a good place to park the car, off the road.train-1542096_1920dennislarsenOkay, not my photo, but it fits(thanks D.L.).  There they were.  Insulators as far as we could see!  Which actually wasn’t very far since there was a curve in the tracks and a hill just a little ways from where we parked the car.  Oh well.  Dad checked to make sure we had everything, even after asking me to check.  Odd.  Anyway, off we went.  It had been a very dry spring, which turned out to be good for us as we came to what normally would have been some very wet areas.  Speaking of normal.  There is a fox sparrow singing outside.  One of my favorite birds.  Would love to get a pic of him.  So guess I had better stop and get outside.  Maybe this will be the time!  Supposed to be much warmer tomorrow and most of the week, so, wherever you are, I hope you are able to get out and enjoy your week!  God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

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