The Trek Continues!

Good morning to all of you out there and around the world and wherever else you are while reading this funniest, most enjoyable blog you can find!  Well, okay, maybe not quite the most enjoyable.  And perhaps not the funniest.  But it is a blog.  Sigh.  But I do have readers from around the world.  I’m actually aiming for 20 countries right now.  Once I achieve that then I will aim higher.  Okay, might take a while.  But that’s part of the fun.  I think.  Sometimes.  But usually it gives me a headache.  Sigh.  Spring has definitely arrived here in the cold north, the snow has finally melted, the birds are returning from their southern get-away locations, some birds are nesting, some are building nests, and dad and I are hiking mile after mile down the tracks.  Tromp, tromp.  Mile after long mile.  Tromp, tromp.  Finally we arrive at the first hill leaving behind that long section of lowland.  That was a long stretch, I said.  Dad looked at me and said, we’re only about 500 feet from the car!  That’s all?  Seems like we have been walking for miles, I said.  Bonehead, said dad.  At least he is enjoying this.  It is a nice warm, sunny day.  Being wasted looking for some blobs of glass.  Amazing.  Why waste time collecting something that just holds wire to a pole?  Chunks of glass with no historical significance.  We should go back and find a nice spot to dig for some old bottles, I said, certainly a nice day for it.  Dad just looked at me.  Why waste time collecting bottles, he said.  They don’t even look nice.  Just look at those beautiful insulators sparkling in the sun, he continued, now that’s something to collect, with a lot of history behind them too.  We obviously look at those chunks of glass a little differently, I thought.  I was hoping this higher ground would last for a while.  It was not to be however.  Just a small hill.  And a curve in the tracks.  Leading to miles of swamp.  Sigh.  Look at all the swamp, I said, might as well turn around now.  That’s opportunity, said dad, that swamp is dry and there will likely be a lot of insulators laying around just waiting for us.  Well, he might have a point.  Around here we have discovered that as insulators were removed, the linemen would toss them into the water, if there was any nearby.  Just wait, said dad, we will find a lot when you go down there looking for them.  Hmm, certainly went from we to me in a hurry, said I.  Well, the mud might be soft and you are lighter than I am, said dad.  I need to gain weight.  Off I started down the embankment, which at this spot was only about 20 feet high, not as bad as some we have had to go down.  Maybe you should come along, I called back, after all, if I need help in a hurry it would be nice if you were closer.  Okay, said dad, and he started off.  Right then a train came roaring around that curve.  We didn’t hear a thing until it was right there, a common problem around here, those rock cuts always seemed to block the noise of those trains.  But it startled dad this time and he slipped.  And was he moving along down that embankment!  Right behind me.  No way I could go anywhere, there was wild rose bushes on both sides of me.  Only thing to do is run down and try to stay ahead of dad.  Right.  Suddenly, whump!  He hit me and I landed on his stomach, my backpack on dad’s face.  Ooohhhh, groaned dad.  But amazingly his glasses stayed on, usually they fall off quite easily.  As we came to the bottom I quickly rolled off dad and sploop!  Dad landed in a patch of wet, sloppy mud.  Bonehead!  Amazing that he could actually be enjoying sitting in that wet mud.  For my new readers, dad said bonehead a lot when we were out together.  I finally figured out it must mean he was enjoying himself.  Couldn’t think of any other reason for saying it.  Anyway, back to the story.  Why don’t you get out of there, I asked.  A little help would be nice, he said.  I’ll get that old branch and pull you out, said I.  NO, you don’t need a branch, said dad.  Hey, no problem, I said, and picked it up and swung it around.  Whack!  Oops, hit dad on the back of the head.  My glasses, he called out, they fell in the mud.  You’re always losing your glasses, I said.  Only when you’re around, said dad.  Right.  Finally managed to pull him out.  You’re covered with mud, said I.  What was your first clue, said dad.  Good thing it is such a nice sunny, warm day.  The birds are singing and chirping.  Probably looking for food.  Might be a good time to get some pictures, like,

A little junco on my deck.

the junco above.  Sorry no pics of our insulatoring trip.  The story will continue next week.  Unless I forget.  That happens sometimes.  Sigh.  Sorry this is late this week as well, should do better next week.  I hope you can get out and enjoy what is left of the week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.


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