Sir George and Insulators.

Good morning to everyone on this rather cool and cloudy day in May with the sun just starting to peek out a little now and then adding some heat though not much but every little bit helps on these cool days of spring but yesterday was just fantastic with the sun shining brightly and the temp more summer like at a very nice at about 82F which for some people seems actually too hot but for me it is just a nice pleasant day especially after the very long and cold winter we had so really I don’t see how anyone could not enjoy a day like yesterday but here we are back to a more normal day for us at only 54F and for me that is just too cool but that’s the way it goes.  Feels good to get back to one of those longer greetings again.  So what does Sir George have to do with insulators?  Nothing really.  I just needed a title and that was the first thing that came to mind.  My mind works a little different than most people.  But you know that already if you have been reading my blog for any length of time.  I have been trying to get more photos of Sir George and friends, Lady Pearl and Henry.  There are 3 of those huge gulls coming to my feeder now, though only 2 can fit on it at a time.  And even that is crowded.  Have been trying to get pics of other birds as well.  And that has been even more challenging than the gulls.  Those little birds just don’t like to sit still.  Oh well.  Dad managed to retrieve his glasses from the mud okay, but the frame was broken a bit.  Just cracked really.  Not too bad, I said, wiping the mud off.  Dad was still rubbing his head where the stick hit him.  Just a small crack right in the middle, I continued.  What?!  Where, I don’t feel anything, yelled dad rubbing his head.  Not your head, your glasses, said I.  You broke them, he said.  No, no me, you did when you dropped them in the mud, I said.  You’re the one that hit me on the head, said dad.  Actually, the branch did, said I, but it didn’t hit your glasses.  Haha, said dad, BONEHEAD!  At least he is still enjoying himself.  I’ll go wash them in the creek over there, I said.  NO, I’ll do that, said dad.  Odd.  Almost like he didn’t trust me with them.  While dad was doing that I went to investigate some shimmering glass in the mud.  Sure enough, there was several insulators sticking up out of the mud and all in very nice condition.  Hmm, all Canadian Pacific types, I said, nothing too exciting, various blues and greens.  Hey, there’s a purple one, I said and went over to the spot.  Rats, just a piece, and such a nice dark purple too.  Oh well.  Dad was still at the creek trying to clean himself a bit.  I kept looking around.  There are a lot of poles in this dry swamp, should find a lot more insulators.  And we did, but all common types that we had already, except for one in a beautiful blue.  Okay, some of the colors were nice, I admit that, but still a waste of time when we could be out digging for old bottles.  Sigh.  Finally at the last pole there were several crossarms solidly planted in the mud and still full of insulators.  And 3 purple ones in excellent condition, one each in light, medium and dark.  Not bad.  There was another little creek at that spot so we decided to wash some of our prizes.  Dad was close to the creek and said, toss them over and I’ll wash them while you continue looking.  Naturally.  He gets the fun part.  Sigh.  Toss them higher, he said, easier to catch.  That’s what he said.  So I did.  AAAAAA!!!!!  I could hear the breaking glass.  That one insulator, just a regular aqua, destroyed 2 of the purple insulators, only the lightest one remained.  I went over to see.  Dad was just looking at all those pieces of glass.  Amazing, he said.  Oh well, less to carry back, I said.  Bonehead!, said dad.  Sir George is back, looking for another meal.  Those herring gulls can sure eat!  Sorry, you will have to wait until next week for the rest of the story.  Wheehee!  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all of you mothers out there.  And even if you are not.  And happy birthday to 2 of my faithful readers, whose birthday happens to be on Friday.  Even if you are not.  Sigh.  I hope you all enjoy your week, cool or hot, and God bless!

Steve and Muffin (my sleeping kitty).

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