Weeks Fly. Coffee With Muffin.

Good morning on this rather cloudy and cooler late afternoon and it’s just beginning to rain a little but the forecast is for quite a bit of rain finally and we sure do need it as everything is so terribly dry and that is not a good thing when surrounded by forests and there has been forest fires already and not too far away from here which is not such a good thing either so this rain will be much welcomed by everyone.  And you thought this was going to be one of my long opening sentences.  Not this time.  Spring is probably my favorite time of the year, next to summer.  Right now everything is getting so nice and green.  Leaves are popping out everywhere.  Grass is growing.  Flowers are starting to bloom.  The trees and ground are alive with birds returning from their southern wintering grounds.  Some birds are nesting.  Some have young ones.  I have been trying to get photos of some of these birds, and other critters, while they are still here.  Many of these birds head further north for the summer so this is the best time for photos.  Autumn can be good also but the colors are not quite so dramatic as in the spring.  In order to get better pics I cheat a bit.  By using food to lure them in closer.  Works good.IMG_2185

As you can see by the photo of the Harris’ sparrow above.  There are a lot of those sparrows around right now.  Plus many other varieties of sparrows.  The photo at the top of today’s blog is one of my chipmunk pals.  I call him GPS.  He always knows when those peanuts come out, and he is there in less than 20 seconds.  Every time.  One day he came along and just sat on my knee for a while.  So we talked a bit.  He even came up on my shoulder and touched his little nose against my cheek.  He seemed to know I was having a low day.  Happens now and then.  Animals can sense these things.  He and Scamper, my other chipmunk pal, always bring a cheery smile.  What do you mean animals don’t smile?  HA!  Can’t convince me of that!  Sigh.  Birds are really singing at the moment.  Guess that little bit of rain stopped.  Started on my fall cleaning this week.  Yes, I know it’s spring.  What do you think I have been talking about?  Anyway.  My fall cleaning kind of had to be put off for a bit.  So decided to do it during the winter.  That didn’t work out too well.  So now I am doing it in the spring.  Which means my spring cleaning will have to wait for summer.  Or something.  Everything is a mess in here.  Sigh.  I don’t do things fast anymore.  I probably shouldn’t do things at all.  But what fun is that?  I don’t think I had enough COFFEE today.  Muffin seems to be bored today.  Sleeping most of the day.  Of course she does stay up most of the night now.  Lots of things going on outside at night this time of year.  Too bad she can’t tell me what.  She did alert me to a flying squirrel the other night.  That was nice.  It was on my bird feeder.  Which is also a squirrel feeder.  Speaking of feeders.  Wanted to have some eggs and toast the other day.  No problem.  Got the eggs out.  Took one out of the carton.  It immediately jumped out of my hand and onto the floor.  HA!  Right between my feet!  It actually missed my feet for a change.  Not bad.  Except.  In the excitement I didn’t watch as I turned to get some paper towels.  Splunch.  That was hard to believe.  Really.  But I love changing socks.  No.  I am not going to give up wearing socks.  I like socks.  Socks are comfortable.  Socks are warm.  I like socks.  Sigh.  Went to clean the frying pan afterwards.  Forgot there was still a bit of margarine in there.  Dumped it out.  Yep.  Time to change socks again.  Hard to imagine how it could miss the floor.  Sigh.  I still like socks.  Oops.  I was supposed to continue the insulatoring story.  Sigh.  Oh well.  There’s next week.  Or not.  Sometimes I forget.  I think.  Though it’s sometimes hard to tell if I forget because I forgot and if I forgot then how can I really tell if I did forget?  I mean, if I really did forget, how would I know?  Because I would have forgotten that I forgot if I did forget that I had forgotten.  I think. Sigh.  Think I better stop.  Enjoy the remainder of your week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin and critters.

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