Could It Be? It Is!

Good morning to everyone on this holiday Monday and it is an absolutely gorgeous day out there with the sun shimmering off the newly sprouting emerald leaves and just a light breeze barely enough to ripple those leaves except the odd time and the birds singing such a beautiful chorus as I stand on my deck with COFFEE in hand enjoying this fabulous scene and then a loon flies past calling away in that laughing tone of his and Sir George peaking over the edge of the roof giving his little gluck gluck calls before jumping down to the feeder to get his breakfast and I am still amazed that this huge bird will actually come to the feeder at all since herring gulls are not exactly your typical feeder type birds but Sir George who is the largest of the group started it all and now there are four of them including his mate Lady Pearl and two friends Henry and Herman and yes although they are identical in looks I can still tell them apart as they all have different characteristics and Sir George is definitely the bravest of the bunch and it is just such a beautiful day who wants to be inside but nonetheless inside I am though I have spent a good deal of time outdoors today and Muffin sat at the door sniffing that warm spring air with all the various scents that only she could possibly pick out though she enjoys it even more at night and last night I was able to leave my window open all night which is the first time for me this year though I have left it open for part of the night a couple of times and Muffin certainly does enjoy that and she spends nearly the entire night at the window and I am sure she sees a lot going on out there now that the snow has gone and the warm weather is here to basically stay for the summer.  Whew.  Hard to say all that without taking a breath.  Good thing I didn’t.  Took a bag of frozen vegetables out for supper, opened it, and promptly dropped it on the floor.  And of course it landed open side down.  There was frozen veggies all over the kitchen floor.  And in Muffin’s food dish.  She wasn’t too happy about that.  Frozen veggies are not high on her list of favorite foods.  Though she didn’t mind playing with them.  Scattering them further across the floor.  Sigh.  Not a good start to my supper.  The sun is shining.  The day has warmed up so nicely.  Dad and I were finally back on higher ground and ready to stop for lunch.  We found a nice spot with some large flat rocks which made good chairs and even one for a table.  I set all the sandwiches and COFFEE on our ‘table’.  Dad told me to sit down while he got his COFFEE.  I offered to do it.  I think that ‘no’ could be heard a mile away.  Dad sat down with his food.  I got mine.  Amazingly there were no problems this time.  Dad always manages to spill his COFFEE or do something.  AAAAAA!!!!!, said dad.  There’s no sugar in this COFFEE, he said.  You told me not to put sugar in it because last time I made it too sweet, said I.  Did you bring some sugar?, he asked.  No, I thought you would do that, I said.  BONEHEAD, said dad.  That probably traveled a mile too.  COFFEE without sugar is terrible, he said.  Mine is okay, I said.  You probably put sugar in yours, he said. Naturally, who wants COFFEE without sugar, I added.  I think that was the loudest sigh I ever heard too.  Where is my doughnuts?, asked dad.  In your backpack, I said.  What?!, I have been putting insulators in there, he said.  You could have told me they were in my backpack, he added.  I figured you would see them, said I.  Dad was pulling all the insulators out of his backpack as fast as he could.  Like that would help now.  They are completely flattened, he remarked.  They’ll still taste the same, I said, as I started to eat mine.  You could share, said dad.  But you already have three, said I.  They taste worse than the sugarless COFFEE, he said, as he tossed them aside for the birds.  How about some of your COFFEE?, asked dad.  Okay, I said, and brought it over to pour in his cup. I have an idea, said I, lets mix the two and we will both have sweet COFFEE.  Might actually work, said dad.  Pour your thermos into mine, I said.  Which he did.  Then I will pour it back into yours, I said.  Dad held his thermos.  It was going good.  Until ‘CRACK’. Dad and I both jumped.  Then dad yelled.  You moved your thermos, I said.  So I ended up pouring his share of the COFFEE on his leg.  Hmm, time to stop I see, will finish next time, really.  Enjoy your week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

One Comment on “Could It Be? It Is!

  1. I can just picture Dad looking forward to his donuts ! He did like his sweet things !


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