COFFEE In The Morning. And Other Things.

Good morning everyone!  It has been beautiful these days.  And those mornings, wow!  Going out on the deck with my cup of COFFEE and listening to all those different birds singing their beautiful chorus of songs.  What a great way to start the day.  If you have never done that then you are missing something you should not be missing so stop missing what you are missing and get out there with your cup of COFFEE so you don’t miss anymore of what you are missing which you don’t want to keep missing even if you don’t think you are missing anything when in reality you are missing what you are missing whenever you are missing what you are missing so don’t miss out anymore.  Sigh.  What do you mean you don’t drink COFFEE?  What else is there to drink in the morning?  Nothing else, and I mean nothing else is as good as COFFEE in the morning.  Now here is something for you to think about.  COFFEE is good for you.  Do you agree that vegetables are good for you?  Well, COFFEE is a vegetable.  After all, COFFEE is made from COFFEE beans.  Beans are vegetables.  Therefore, COFFEE is a vegetable.  Therefore, COFFEE is good for you.  How is that for logic?  And everyone knows that my logic is logically logical.  Sigh.  Just think about it.  I always like a good reason for drinking COFFEE.  Even if the reason isn’t reasonable, it’s still a reasonable reason.  I think.  I actually did today for a while.  It was kind of boring.  Sigh.  It gets rather hot in here on these warm sunny days.  In the low 90s.  And there isn’t much wind these days which makes it feel even hotter in here.  I do like warm weather, but hot weather affects me now.  But poor Muffin.  She is definitely not a hot weather cat.  She likes it better on the cool side.  So she is having a tough time these days.  She either lays down in front of one of the windows to catch any stray breeze that might come along, or she lays down under the ceiling fan.  But it can get worse in this little apartment.  Like hitting 100F or more.  Has happened.  Then I use several fans.  No, not air conditioning.  That’s too hard on my joints.  Sigh.  Maybe I am getting old.  Can’t be.  But it is less than a month to the big day.  My birthday.  Not looking forward to this one.  Sigh.  Might just start banging my head. Like this fellow.IMG_3135  Speaking of heat.  Poor dad.  When he yelled after pouring the COFFEE on his leg, it made me jump.  And I dropped the thermos.  BUT…I caught it!  Unfortunately it was upside down.  And the COFFEE poured out.  On dad.  Things always happened to dad.  Good thing I was always there to help him.  Anyway, with the extra COFFEE on dad I was expecting a bigger yell.  But he was quite quiet.  Though he did start doing his happy dance again.  Though oddly he didn’t look too happy.  Then he finally yelled, ‘BONEHEAD!’  That’s better.  Now I know he is enjoying himself still.  Though I must admit it seemed a bit strange that he would be enjoying this particular moment.  Oh well.  We never did find out what caused that loud cracking sound.  Guess dad’s yell scared whatever it was and it ran off.  A yell that loud would probably have scared away every animal within a mile’s radius of where we were. My apologies to those of you who don’t understand proper ways of measuring things.  I do not like that archaic method of metric or celsius.  Also, by the time dad settled down it had clouded over.  Very dark clouds.  With a few drops of rain.  We better head back, I suggested.  Dad agreed.  Especially since we no longer had any COFFEE.  We had barely gotten started on our little hike back to the car when those few raindrops became a downpour.  With thunder and lightning.  Might get wet, I said.  Bonehead!  That was all dad said.  Amazing.  Hard to believe he could be enjoying this.  Oh well.  Everyone is different.  Personally I would rather stay dry.  Speaking of clouds and thunder.  That is what is happening right now.  Poor Muffin.  She does not like thunderstorms either.  And I might have to close the windows.  Terrible thought.  Makes it hard to breathe.  Good thing I have those fans.  I hope you all enjoy your week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

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