It’s Coming! Unfortunately.

Good morning everyone on this very beautiful, sunny day!  Well, mostly sunny anyway.  It’s been one of those days again.  Actually, it started yesterday.  Sometimes things just don’t work out the way they should.  Or something.  Yesterday I went to get an ice cube for my glass of water.  It was stuck in the tray.  Finally after twisting that thing almost in half it decided to let go.  With a bang.  And it went straight up above my head.  Then it went straight down but missed the tray and landed directly on top of my bare foot.  Right on the bone.  It did hurt somewhat.  Thought it cracked the bone.  It did hurt somewhat.  Then it went sliding across the floor.  Picking up a bit of dust and cat hair along the way.  That wouldn’t be so bad except it was the last ice cube.  Sigh.  Muffin came to investigate, found it wasn’t food and left right away.  She always likes to check whenever I drop something.  Just in case.  I would have had today’s ‘musings’ out a bit earlier except I was having some trouble with my internet connection.  It didn’t work.  That part was simple.  Getting it to work wasn’t quite so simple.  But then it started working.  Great.  Then it stopped working as soon as I wanted to start.  Naturally.  Had to wait.  Had to figure out what to do again.  Same fix didn’t work the second time.  Naturally.  Finally it started working again.  Not sure what happened to bring that to pass.  But that’s okay, it was working.  So I decided to send an email first.  No problem.  Except when I went to send the email.  It wasn’t working again.  Naturally.  This was starting to get annoying.  Now it’s working again.  I hope.  Speaking of chipmunks.  GPS came back today.  And immediately began to let the other chipmunks know he was the boss.  That worked with Rusty and Skamper.  But then Chester came along.  He didn’t like the idea of losing his top spot.  It was quite the show.  So Rusty decided to get in on it too.  They were going so fast it was hard to keep track of who was who.  Meanwhile, Skamper ignored the fun and came over to me for peanuts.IMG_4169  Which he very happily carried off while the others were occupied.  The other day I was standing on the deck and I felt a tug on my pant leg.  I looked down and there was Rusty standing on his hind legs looking up at me.  Such sad eyes.  Which is why I always carry peanuts in my pocket.  Chester doesn’t wait.  He just climbs up my leg.  And all over me, looking for those peanuts.  Skamper just jumps up and down on my foot to get my attention.  Speaking of food.  Sir George is getting braver all the time.  I could actually feel his wing tips hitting me as he landed on the feeder to get his breakfast this morning.  So I just stayed there and talked to him.  He really is a big bird.  One peck from that beak of his could crack my skull.  Amazing.  Speaking of big.  There is a rather large black bear around again.  I would say he is pushing 400 lbs.  For something so big he can certainly run fast.  I can’t.  The other day he was out here at 7:15am.  Today he was here at 8:30am.  That is not so good.  I usually head out at 5:30am with breakfast for all the critters.  So now I try to check as thoroughly as possible before heading out the door.  I wouldn’t want to surprise him.  I know he would most likely run when I open the door.  But I still don’t like the idea of him out there.  However, I would like to get a good photo of him.  Or her.  From a safe distance.  Though I am not really sure what that distance would be.  Sigh.  Time is short.  The big day is coming.  Fast.  Too fast.  I really am not looking forward to this.  Sigh.  It’s cloudy.  And cooler.  Oh well.  Guess I better stop.  Okay, so it wasn’t too exciting.  Speaking of sunflower seeds.  For the birds.  That was bad.  Dumped them all over the kitchen floor.  I was picking up seeds for days.  Okay, 2 days.  But that’s still days.  Amazing how they could hide in the weirdest places.  Oh well.  Until next time, watch out for spiders, enjoy your week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

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