It’s Coming Fast. Too Fast. Sigh.

Good morning on this absolutely beautiful Friday afternoon in the month of June which is a great month mainly because it is in the summer and all summer months are great months in my way of thinking though I know some people who would disagree but there are always strange people around who seem to prefer cold weather although sometimes I think they are just pretending and really do like the warm weather but they just want to be different than everyone else and I can understand that since I usually consider myself to be rather different from others or maybe it’s just that others are different than me so instead of me being the strange one everyone else is actually strange and I am normal but I guess I shouldn’t say everyone since there are really a lot of people like me around and I know for a fact that there are many people like me around since I know people like me so obviously there are some people like me around and, well, okay, there are a few people like me around and and, fine, there must be a few people like me around.  Maybe.  There has to be.  Some.  One?  Sigh.  That was a good opener.  June is also my birthday month.  That part isn’t so great.  Especially this year.  And only 8 days left.  I am really not looking forward to my birthday this year.  It’s a bad one.  Had one like this before.  Took me weeks to get over it.  Or was it months?  I think this one is even worse.  At least that time I was able to get out and spend the day by a nice quiet lake, likeTenn2

this one above.  Except this one isn’t around here.  Looks like a nice spot though.  Actually, it’s in Tennessee.  Thanks Candace.  Poor Muffin.  She really does not like the heat.  And it is hot in here again today.  She also does not like thunderstorms.  We had some last night.  One was a big storm.  Was expecting hail in that one.  But only rain, thankfully.  But what a lightning show!  Fantastic.  Too bad it was raining so hard.  Oh well.  GPS is back.  Or did I mention that last time?  Sigh.  So now there are 4 chipmunks again.  Oddly, I didn’t see Chester today.  Hmm.  Well, guess I will quit.  One of those days. And it’s coming too fast!  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh well, have a great weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

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