It’s Impossible! Plus Critters.

Good morning everyone on this cloudy but nice afternoon!  It’s been one of those week’s.  And the week just started yesterday.  That’s not good.  Actually last Monday started much the same way.  Only different.  I won’t get into that one, I’m still trying to forget it.  And it’s not easy.  Especially when I keep thinking about it.  So we’ll skip that one and not think about it anymore.  Which likely won’t happen.  Sigh.  Yesterday is still fresh on my mind.  And body.  So that makes it even harder to forget.  Even though I really would like to forget it but how can I forget it when I keep thinking about it which makes it even harder to forget it but I can’t stop thinking about it because every time I move or don’t move or get up or lay down or sit down or walk around or don’t walk around or think or don’t think I still can’t forget it since when I do any of these things or laugh or sneeze or cough I still can’t forget it because all these things make me remember it so it is impossible to forget it and if I can’t forget it than how am I supposed to forget it and, and…forget it.  Sigh.  I’m doing a bit of rearranging and sorting and tossing stuff because I live in a very small apartment and I have a lot of stuff.  And I mean a lot.  Which in my last apartment didn’t look like a lot because my last place was much bigger than this one so now it not only looks like a lot it is a lot even though it isn’t.  I think.  Sometimes anyway.  But I want to be able to walk around the apartment without tripping over things or kicking things or always having to move things in order to do other things and, and…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s okay.  I’m fine.  I’m calm.  But in order to get more order there first must come more disorder.  That’ where yesterday comes along.  There is more stuff lying around in places it should not be and therefore for someone like me that means danger.  And it happened.  I kicked something, accidentally, and then tripped over this item leading to a loud yell and crash.  Poor Muffin.  She does not like loud noise.  Especially when it is unexpected.  Which it usually is.  Of course I landed on the item I kicked over and then went headlong onto another item which is solid wood and came finally against the fridge then landing on the floor.  This produced blackness and total numbing and as the numbness left the pain kicked in which was extremely painful causing another yelp from this old guy.  Actually, more than once.  I am still feeling it today.  Therefore I am moving around very slowly today.  Much more slowly than normal slow.  But on the lighter side to this, hmm, there must be a lighter side somewhere.  Sigh.  Later, while laying on my bed, I could just imagine how that would have looked.  Arms flying in every direction.  Legs up over my head.  Head smacking against fridge.  And the look on my face.  Too bad I couldn’t see it.  But I could imagine it.  That would have been priceless.  And it got me laughing about it over and over.  Which unfortunately made things hurt worse.  But it did give a good laugh.  I enjoy a good laugh.  Even when it doesn’t seem like it is funny.  Which it wasn’t.  Sigh.  I’m back.

This is Patches.  She still hasn’t lost her winter coat.  If she doesn’t hurry, she may as well keep it!

Had to leave briefly, Patches was knocking at the door, wanted a peanut.  Patches is one of my squirrel friends.  There are presently five female and one male squirrel, that are adults.  Than there are four young ones.  I have only named two of the little critters.  Since the other two are twins, hard to tell apart unless I see them together.  But there is Tiger and Whitey.  Whitey has a white tail, at least half of it.  Tiger is just that, a tough little critter who isn’t afraid to attack even the adult squirrels.  He chased two of them one morning.  Then arrived Chipper.  She is the top squirrel right now.  But Tiger, being the overconfident critter he is, decided to attack Chipper.  He started with his menacing chatter.  Chipper looked over at him briefly while eating her peanut.  She then chattered a warning back to Tiger.  Then Tiger jumped on Chipper.  Poor little Tiger.  Never saw him again the rest of the day.  Chipper returned in a short time, still with her peanut, and continued eating.  Tiger has avoided Chipper ever since.  Then there is Mama Chip.  She is #2 squirrel.  Tiger tried the same approach.  Poor Tiger.  The two rolled around a bit on the deck.  Then Tiger ran off as fast as he could.  Mama Chip returned to quietly eat her peanut.  Tiger has learned valuable lessons.  Whitey is getting friendlier.  I like him, that white tail makes him look so cute.  Today he crawled all over me, even went inside my pocket twice to get a peanut.  He did try to chatter at me once, like he was going to attack me.  I warned him that would not be wise and told him to be quiet.  He did get quiet and took off with a peanut.  Hopefully I can get a photo of that one soon.  He gets shy around cameras.  Sigh.  Hmm, this is getting long, better stop.  And I didn’t even finish.  Sigh.  Enjoy your week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

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