Critters And The Unbelievable. Really. Sigh.

Good morning on this another beautiful day of another week of another month and…the days are definitely getting shorter.  Terrible thought.  That can only mean the other season of the year that I don’t like to talk about is already on the way.  And it’s only July.  But right now it is still nice and warm and sunny…just right.  And the birds and other critters are starting to bring their young ones around.  That part is nice.  They can be quite comical at times.  And a bit noisy at times.  Crows have 4 young this year.  There is at least 6 young squirrels.  Some are hard to tell apart, some are easy, like LB.  That’s short for little brat.  And he is.  Always chasing everyone else.  Except, of course, for Chipper and Mama Chip.  I thought he had learned his lesson.  Not so.  He attacked Mama Chip again this morning.  Not a smart move.  Mama Chip does not like that.  LB has not returned all day.  Another baby squirrel I call Whitey.  Not too original, but, this is why.

This is Whitey, you can see why, a cute little critter.

The rock doves have brought several young ones around.  Some of these rock doves are finally eating out of my hand.  That took awhile.  But it’s nice.  I’m back.  A chipmunk, Skamper, was here and wanted some peanuts.  That woke Muffin up from her nap.  So she is now looking out the door, waiting for something exciting to happen.  The exciting stuff happens in here.  To me.  Here is my day, a typical kind of day.  I had just filled my COFFEE cup with some nice fresh and hot COFFEE.  I then reached for something.  Naturally my COFFEE was underneath my arm.  Hit it with my elbow.  That COFFEE went everywhere.  All over the counter.  And the floor.  How it got on the floor I do not know.  The cup spilled the opposite direction.  And, of course, I stepped in it.  Soaked my socks.  Only 7 AM and already I have to change my socks.  Sigh.  For supper I managed to pour boiling water from a pot on to my foot.  Okay, it wasn’t actually boiling at that point.  But it wasn’t far from it.  It was hot.  Very hot.  So I was dancing around on one foot, not a good thing in itself, trying hard to get that wet sock off my foot.  That wasn’t so easy.  Finally it was off.  I then smothered my foot with aloe juice, or whatever it’s called.  I use it directly from the plant, better than the stuff sold at the store.  It works good.  Honestly. Change my socks again.  Then one of the squirrels was determined that my finger was a peanut.  And he dug in those sharp little teeth of his.  Blood everywhere.  Sigh.  That was one of the babies.  Not too bright.  Sigh.  I am at the store shopping and I go down this one aisle, and as I do several items just fall off the shelf and onto the floor.  No, I did not touch them.  They just fell off the shelf.  On their own.  Then I am down a different aisle.  The SAME thing happened.  I think that store has some kind of electric beam that is only activated by me and it then triggers something that pushed stuff off the shelf.  After all, this has happened before.  Sigh. This is what I need sometimes, a cabin, a lake.  Sigh.

A little log cabin by a lake.

Then, of course, there is the phone call.  Normally I get normal type phone calls which are just normal but this phone call was not normal and certainly was the most abnormal phone call I have ever had.  Kind of an odd one.  Some guy calls threatening to kill me.  Amazing really.  I mean, it’s not the normal type of phone call that a person normally gets.  At least I don’t.  That’s a first for me.  And I will admit, not exactly a thrilling type of phone call, even though I figured it was obviously a prank.  The police figured it was too.  Sigh.  It was meant to happen at a specific time, which has come and gone.  I’m still here. But you probably guessed that already.  Especially since I am writing this now.  Which I wouldn’t be if I wasn’t.  Some people think my blog should be more of a serious type.  Okay, this is my serious inclusion.  Don’t expect that to happen much.  This blog is not meant to be serious.  It’s meant to bring a smile to people.  Maybe even a giggle or two.  Or a chuckle.  Or an outright roaring laugh.  That’s the idea anyway.  Speaking of ideas.  Oh no!  This is long enough.  That idea will have to wait until next time.  Hopefully some new changes will be coming soon to my site.  Until next time, enjoy your week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

One Comment on “Critters And The Unbelievable. Really. Sigh.

  1. Love the pic of Whitey ! So cute ! I would love to be in that cabin !…that was a very strange and scary phone call ! Be careful…


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