So Much That Isn’t Happening.

Good morning everyone!  Notice how short that is?  That’s for those of you who prefer the short opening sentence.  It’s hard to do.  I want to just keep going.  Sigh.  Sorry I missed last week.  Technical difficulties.  Me.  Plus I had company.  But I survived.  I think.  I have never had my picture taken so much in my life.  I saw some of the pics.  And people wonder why I don’t like having my picture taken.  It’s scary.  Even worse than looking in a mirror.  Why do some cameras have to flash twice?  Why?  The first flash blinds me.  So I close my eyes.  The second flash is when the pic is taken.  Of course my eyes are closed.  People complain my eyes are always closed.  It’s the crazy camera!!  Sigh.  It’s been an odd day.  Or at least the afternoon.  But it started this morning.  I think. Hard to tell.  Meaning I can’t quite remember if it was this morning that it started this afternoon or if it really was this afternoon starting this morning after it was afternoon even though it started before noon meaning that it must have started this morning before it was afternoon unless it really did start this afternoon by starting this morning before afternoon when actually it wasn’t before noon since it was already afternoon starting before noon when it was still morning when it started to be an odd type of day and it really was an odd type of day which I even felt it to be and so did others even though those others were animal others but it was noticed by other people who noticed the animals who noticed it was a rather odd type of day.  I think.  But it was odd.  Can’t really explain it.  Like something was happening when it wasn’t.  Make sense?  No?  Sigh. Anyway, I first noticed my little chipmunk friends were not acting normal.  Chester, Skamper and Rusty were acting strange.

This little critter is Skamper.

That started this morning.  They were very nervous.  Didn’t want to stay around very long.  At the beginning they didn’t even want to come close to me.  That’s very strange since they are usually crawling all over me.  And always very excited to see me.  Even Sir George and friends starting acting this way this afternoon, though normal in the morning.  And Muffin was acting odd.  Also very nervous this afternoon.  Even seemed scared at times.  Yet it was a nice day, as far as weather was concerned.  Only difference is a lot of smoke in the air from forest fires again.  But that doesn’t bother Muffin or the other critters.  At least it never has before. And my landlord said her cat was also acting odd this afternoon.  Didn’t want to go out. Even hid for a time while inside.  Also acted nervous.  Like something was happening that wasn’t.  Must admit, I felt somewhat nervous myself last night, couldn’t figure out why.  But that was last night.  Still, Muffin acted nervous last night too, now that I think about it.  Very odd day.  Went shopping this morning.  Kept dropping things.  Why do they put things on such high shelves?  Why?  They always say, ask for help.  Ask who? They don’t have enough staff.  So there is never anyone around to ask.  Did find someone to ask in one department.  Do you have this item?  Yes, was the answer, right over here.  Oh, it isn’t here.  We do have it though she assured me.  That’s nice.  Doesn’t really help, but it’s nice.  She finally did find it for me.  Which was nice.  Not like one lady who just said, I think it’s over in that aisle, as she pointed it out.  Didn’t find it anywhere in the area she pointed to.  Sigh.  But that happens.  To me anyway.  I find it amazing that so many people have just normal shopping experiences.  Must be dull.  Hmm, it’s getting quite dark.  Maybe a thunderstorm is coming.  Though Muffin doesn’t seem to think so. Something else odd for today.  Oh well.  I hope you all can enjoy your week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

One Comment on “So Much That Isn’t Happening.

  1. So have the critters calmed down ? Find a reason for their actions yet ?


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